Our selection of protective shelters for the garden

Our selection of protective shelters for the garden

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Cool temperatures, wind, rain and sometimes snow: plants, tools and even garbage cans are severely tested during this winter period. To help them get through the winter better, dé offers a selection of accessories of all kinds in order to properly protect all these beautiful people.

© Inside Harmony

Wooden garden shed, € 599 *, CEMONJARDIN

If the surface allows, we put everything on a garden shed to protect and properly store outdoor accessories and tools. With its 2.82 m², this pine wood model offers a beautiful space for resistance to any test. Treated against humidity, this shed will be the perfect ally for the organization of the garden, summer and winter!

© Farrow and Ball

Wooden tool storage unit, € 72.80 *, Burger

Discreet and practical, the tool holder slides everywhere and takes with it the garden accessories that hang around here and there on the lawn. We install shovel, rake and other accessories to prevent them from being stacked on the ground after use.

© Cyrillus

Anthracite colored resin chest, € 49.90 *, Chalet and Garden

The outside can also present more bulky accessories such as furniture or cushions for the garden ... We arm ourselves with a nice storage chest to install the elements that fear humidity. This anthracite gray resin model keeps the contents dry while providing necessary ventilation.

© Ikea

Double wooden trash can, € 278.90 *, Burger

Nothing is more aesthetic than a pine wood trash can to elegantly hide garbage. We bring a natural and woody touch to effectively hide litter!

© Cyrillus

Cover for barbecue and plancha, € 21 *, Oviala

We invest in a protective cover for outdoor cooking appliances so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises once the good weather returns! This model offers a design that adapts to the plancha and the barbecue, a two in one essential!

Pine wood greenhouse, € 73.94 *, CEMONJARDIN

Prettier than plastic protections, the greenhouse is an obvious choice in gardens for growing at any time. We appreciate here the wooden version with a frame opening - a simple and elegant design that will perfectly integrate into the nature of your bucolic cocoon.

© Inside Harmony

Wooden shelters for logs, € 258.90 *, Jardipolys

Protected storage for wood, thanks to this shelter designed to store logs while providing them with a space protected from the weather. Its ideal measurements allow stacking without counting, but above all without losing space - a perfect balance between height and depth.

© Ikea

Pine wood composter, € 111.90 *, Save 58

Fancy ecology? Let yourself be tempted by a wooden composter in order to sort elegantly. Designed in treated pine, this container offers no less than 350 liters of storage. Ergonomic and aesthetic decor! Find all of our outdoor furniture and accessories here. img id = "239494" /


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