I want a spa session… at home!

I want a spa session… at home!

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When there is an immense need for relaxation, there is only one thing to do: pamper yourself! And good news, to immerse yourself in a bubble of well-being, all you need is a bathroom and a few accessories that you can easily find in closets. Our complete program for a spa session at home!

1. We disconnect!

In order for your "home" spa session to have the same benefits as a real spa session, the first thing to do is leave your laptop, tablet and worries in the locker room. So we program our session one evening or a weekend and we do everything not to be disturbed: the phones must be turned off, the kids at Mamie's and nobody should come and disturb you under any circumstances!

2. We prepare the bathroom

The day before her session, we clean and tidy the bathroom from top to bottom. If there is a trace of mold, we let cotton wool soaked in bleach sit overnight to find nickel tiles upon waking: everything must be perfect! An hour before your session, you turn on the heat thoroughly (if it's cold of course!), Put your robe on the towel warmer, then prepare a good book or magazines by the bathtub.

3. We prepare our treatments without breaking the bank

In terms of care, we sort through its reserves, and if things are missing, we go to the kitchen to make them ourselves. We prepare a face scrub with sugar, honey and lemon juice, a body scrub with coffee grounds mixed with a little white cheese, bath salts with coarse salts and a few drops of oil essentials or a mask with avocado puree, lemon juice and honey… Used pure, egg yolk, egg white, honey, fromage blanc and olive oil s also use as a mask to nourish and refresh the skin. And for dream hair, all you need is a little coconut oil! Who Said Spa Is Expensive?

© Ruhi Crafts A mixture of salt crystals and dried flowers perfect for the bath!

4. We get in the mood

Once the bathroom is warm and all the treatments are ready, all that's left is to get in the mood! If the room is not lit in daylight, it is thought to dim the lighting with candles and candle jars placed around the bathtub. On the soundtrack side, we opt for relaxing music, by banning radio channels interspersed with advertisements or news flashes. Finally, care is taken to diffuse a soothing scent with a scented candle or bath salts. And for a wow effect, we fall for the latest Instagram trend by floating orange and lemon rings in your bath!

© Farrow and BallSome flowers and above all calm!

5. We offer a real moment of care

And finally, it's time to immerse yourself in a hot bath ... The water must be hot enough to deeply relax the muscles, and everything must be close at hand so as not to have to pull out a toe ... After a few minutes of deep relaxation, we start by making its scrubs, then we leave the masks on by reading a good book ... Happiness! For those who do not have a bathtub, do not panic, just adapt the ritual a bit. We replace the bath with a hot shower, alternating hot jets with cooler jets to activate blood circulation and drain toxins. Then we complete the treatment with a facial hammam, positioning our face above a pan of hot water in which we let infuse a few branches of thyme. Finally, let your face mask sit on your sofa, it also works very well!

6. We land gently

At the end of the bath, you put on your warm bathrobe and let a detox tea infuse the time to spread the moisturizer from head to toe. Then we put on a cocooning outfit and very warm socks and we continue to read his book lying on his bed or on his sofa ... Well, what if we do it again next week?