Ibermat, the flooring specialist

Ibermat, the flooring specialist

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Do you want to lay parquet to embellish your interior, but hesitate between exotic wood, solid oak or an aged finish? With nearly 20 years of experience, Ibermat will direct you to the right choice. Located in Noisy-le-Grand, the 70 square meter showroom exhibits a wide selection. Discovery.

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French wood, Portuguese finish

After several years in the automotive world, Carlos Petinga became passionate about parquet. He launched Ibermat in 1999, first specializing in his activity in exotic wood, particularly from Brazil and Africa. Now focused on any type of coating, it strives to choose quality raw materials including French oak. From the start of the adventure, the businessman has followed and controlled the whole creative process since he is a shareholder in the factory in Portugal, where all of his products are processed.

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2018, the year of change

Installed since 2002 in the XIIth arrondissement of Paris, Ibermat moved its showroom and its stock to Noisy-le-Grand at the beginning of 2018. The company is getting a facelift and will offer new services: "We have always sold our product to companies without having an installation service, this will now be the case, with a team and partner companies specially dedicated to this service; our desire is to extend the sale of some of our products to individuals ", explains Carlos Petinga. To top it off, the company's websites will also be revamped.

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Parquet from 40 euros per square meter

With many choices, Ibermat offers ranges of products starting at an average price around 40 euros per square meter and which can exceed 100 euros. We often have promotional offers for destocking. The manufacturer stands out thanks to its offer of outdoor parquet: "We produce terrace boards specially adapted to the region in which they will be laid. Indeed, the wood will be dried and adapted to their hydrometry rate", describes the manager . For deadlines, allow between four and six weeks to obtain your parquet. If you wish to have it installed, the Ibermat team will take care of it within one day.

© Ibermat Contact : Parquet Ibermat, 4-8, rue des artisans, 93160 Noisy-le-Grand Telephone: 01 44 75 51 50 and 01 83 64 12 01 Email: [email protected] Site: Accessories site: www


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