How to revamp your kitchen table?

How to revamp your kitchen table?

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1 / revamp your kitchen table with paint

No piece of furniture can resist the rejuvenating power of a makeover by color, not even your old kitchen table which is metamorphosed in a few brushstrokes. If white, powder green and light gray are the trendy colors of the moment, you can also opt for a patina.

Is your table made of light wood? You might as well take the opportunity to paint it, it will be easier than with a dark wooden table! You can choose a paint complementary to that of your kitchen, or play the contrast card by opting for a color opposite. Here are some trendy color combinations: pink and green, blue and yellow, red and black or even yellow and brown.

2 / A two-color kitchen table

It is not always necessary to renovate your kitchen table in its entirety to give it a facelift. Painting only the top (or the base) is enough to produce a wow effect. Again, the color associations work perfectly.

For a pop-style table, you can also repaint the feet with a fluorescent paint, leaving the table top raw. This works especially with a light or white wooden table.

3 / A graphic tray to revamp the kitchen table

Nothing like a graphic effect on the table top to revamp your old furniture. A pencil, a touch of imagination, a hint of paint or even a collage and here is your kitchen table highlighted by a nice graphic and colorful touch.

If you do not have artistic flair, you can create geometric shapes on the tray using stencils. Or use furniture stickers to cover the tray. Like cement tiles or terrazzo, you can effortlessly create a new table!

4 / Socks to customize the kitchen table

No… It's not a question of covering the legs of your table with real socks! Painting the tips of your feet (and only the tips of your feet) is still the best way to revamp your kitchen table on a small budget. A light sanding and a few remnants of paint shake up the codes of kitchen decoration in all discretion.

In no time, you have a new table. To make the result visible, do not hesitate to play the contrast card.

5 / Give it a small industrial style

You hunted an old wooden table or do you want to give a second life to your current kitchen table? Take inspiration from the "industrial decor" trend to give a vintage touch to your kitchen. Repaint a wooden table in black and white, and using stencils, write some numbers on the table top.

6 / Change the table handles

If your kitchen table has drawers, here is a solution to give it a little facelift without leaving a huge budget. Replace the old handles with new ones, found in flea markets or bought in decoration or DIY stores. Sure a raw wood kitchen table, we can come and install porcelain handles. Sure a Scandinavian-inspired table, you can replace the handle with a leather handle.

7 / Change the legs of your table

Here is another solution to give a second life to your kitchen table ! Many sites and brands specialize in table and desk legs. For a trendy and modern look, opt for metal pin feet. Graphics and thin, they lighten the structure of your table.


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