How to tidy up your house?

How to tidy up your house?

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Before putting away… Sort!

Going into the large storage of your house without taking the time to sort out what you have is not much. Indeed, you are only going to put away things accumulated over time, instead of putting away once and for all your interior. It is therefore recommended to follow Marie Kondo's advice, and to tackle sorting in all the rooms of the house, to keep or throw away your objects.

To avoid getting discouraged, start sorting little by little, room by room. Do not do it all at once, otherwise you risk quickly wanting to put nothing away at all.

If you are reluctant to throw something away, put it aside. At the end of the month, if you haven't used it yet, throw it away or put it up for sale on a sales platform between individuals. You will certainly make one happy!

Opt for multi-function furniture

If you live in a small apartment or studio, multi-function furniture are your best allies. They allow you for example to have additional storage space, in addition to their first use.

A coffee table with integrated storage, a chest bench, a high table with drawers or shelves underneath, a bed-safe or wardrobe ... With living areas in cities increasingly reduced, furniture brands now offer many trendy and affordable multi-function furniture. It's up to you to choose the ones that match your style and your needs! Space saving and additional storage spaces guaranteed.

Create a functional entry

First room of the house, the entrance can be used as storage space, provided you are well optimized. To prepare yourself every morning, opt for the mirror trio + shoe rack + coat hooks.

If the ceiling height allows you, you can install wall shelves to store your handbags for example. Use coat hooks to hang family coats. A shoe rack in the form of a bench can be very useful in an entrance hall. This allows you to store your shoes there and have a place to sit and put them on.

You can also install a wardrobe, to store clothes, coats and other accessories that you use to get out of the house.

By installing a mirror on the wall, you also gain in brightness. The entrance seems larger, by an optical effect.

Put away your kitchen for a more pleasant space

Whether large or cramped, kitchens are living rooms that requirebe tidy to be practical. It is therefore necessary to think of their arrangement for daily use.

Make sure to store objects, utensils and other provisions near their place of use. Thus, pots and other cooking utensils will find their place in the cupboards close to the hobs. Thanks to clever shelving or fixing systems, kitchen furniture can save additional storage space.

Decoration and DIY stores offer many storage systems, such as kitchen organizers. Install them in your closets and other drawers, to easily find your items.

The wall shelves, of Scandinavian inspiration, are also very trendy. Attach them to the walls of your kitchen to store your dishes or your provisions. Also think about the objects used by our grandparents to have a tidy kitchen : fruit basket, bread box, storage boxes, etc. Always trendy products, which decorate your kitchen while keeping it tidy!

A lounge with optimized storage

True place of life, which often acts as a living room, office, dining room and playroom, the living room is a room that must be organized to stay tidy on a daily basis.

For a tidy but airy living room, we combine closed cupboards or low storage units with open furniture, such as a bookcase or wall shelves. Also prefer space-saving furniture in this room, especially if your living room is not very large.

Use the ceiling height to create vertical storage. If you have unusual spaces such as niches, take advantage of them! They can be transformed into a mini library or a decoration space.

Go tidy your room !

Adult and child, it is necessary to have a tidy room to relax and rest there. Take an interest in clever furniture, such as trunk beds or beds that have built-in storage. The underside of a bed is approximately 3m2 of usable surface for storing your bedroom. If you have a single bed, you can slide it under storage covers to store your clothes or your pairs of shoes. Or even bed linen.

The dressing room has become a must in the bedrooms. Create one that is suitable for its size. With the help of clothes racks or cupboards, you can create your wardrobe, which will allow you to have on hand all your everyday objects.

Using a console, create a space that serves as both a desk and a dressing table. In the drawers, store jewelry and makeup. The dressing table can allow you to have a workspace with your laptop or tablet. Instead of a chair, use a stool or a small bench as a seat.

An optimized bathroom

Bathrooms are often cramped spaces, where we spend time every day. It is therefore necessary that storage is practical!

If you have the possibility, prefer suspended basins instead of pedestal sinks. You can thus put a piece of furniture underneath or slide in furniture on wheels to store bathroom linen and beauty products.

In the shower, install a shelf that you can fix using a suction cup system. You will store your toiletries there. Finally, think of door mirrors, with storage. Certainly unattractive, they still allow you to save storage space in your bathroom. Some models, more design, have shelves fixed on the mirror, to put some everyday objects.