Create a modular loden curtain

Create a modular loden curtain

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Coupons of pink, fuchsia, red and Bordeaux loden of 20 x 60 cm 1 rotary cutter 1 ruler 36 eyelets of 8 mm in diameter 1 eyelet pliers 18 metal rings of 2.3 mm in diameter 6 pliers with rings


15 'Cutting the squares

Superimpose the four loden coupons and cut inside, using a rotary cutter, three squares, each 18 cm square. You will get three squares of each color to place in the order shown on the diagram.

30 'Attaching the eyelets

Attach the 36 eyelets with the pliers: the squares of the two central rows each carry 4 eyelets while those of the first and last row only carry 2.

15 'Attaching the rings

Then put the 18 rings that attach the squares together vertically. Finally, attach the ring pliers to the top of the curtain, putting two pliers per square.


To brighten up your curtain, you can sew on some squares small loden frames each measuring 12 centimeters on the outside and 8 on the inside. A simple plastic sheet will close the frame and allow you to slide in photographs or drawings.

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