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. Placo®, a solution for every room in the house! Sound insulation, thermal insulation, water or fire resistance, indoor air purification ... the range Placo® offers a solution for every room in the house. Recommended for bedrooms and living room, the plate Placo® Phonic, blue in color, divides the noise by two from one room to another. In children's bedrooms, the white Placo® Activ'Air® sheet permanently improves indoor air quality by reducing its formaldehyde concentration. In humid or unheated rooms, the Placomarine® plate, green in color, resists humidity. Finally, the pink Placoflam® plate is recommended to protect against the fire risk in the kitchen. Find your Placo® solution for every room in the house on With the Placo® Phonic plate, lower the sound throughout the house! Do you want your children to sleep peacefully while you watch TV in your living room? Reinforce the sound insulation of your rooms by covering them with Placo® Phonic sheets. Recognizable by its blue color, Placo® Phonic plasterboard cuts noise in half from one room to another compared to a standard sheet work. It is its heart of high density plate which allows it to dampen noise and thus significantly improve the acoustic comfort of a home. In living rooms such as the living room, the Placo® Phonic plate helps limit the propagation of noise in order to preserve everyone's tranquility in the home. Easy to install, this acoustic plasterboard can be applied to partitions, ceilings and frame linings, both new and under renovation. For more information, visit


. Seagrass soil THE HOUSE OF THE FLOOR


. TINT UNIK 0.77-3B; UNIK 077-2B; 144-5C; TERRAI D129 (Color Chart) PRINTED AQUALINE (UNDERCOAT) AND VELVET AQUALINE (FINISH) WHITE AQUALINE SATIN Naé velours Paint formulated with natural and bio-based components. In addition to being decorative, Naé paintings are respectful of the environment, health, and future generations. Indeed, these are formulated based on natural and bio-based components and combine technical performance and eco-responsibility. Thus, Naé paintings hardly reject C.O.V. and volatile materials, their impact on the environment is reduced, and a majority of the raw materials used in their production are renewable. Ecolabel certified in White and shades. AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS, SATIN, MAT, VELVET range Suitable for new and renovation works The sites can be carried out without interruption of the activity, Respect the health of the applicators and the occupants. AQUALINE EVO SATIN - VELVET Satin or velvety paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Good covering and filling power Very good recovery time Exceptional glide Great whiteness Ecolabel certified in White and shades AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS Universal printing based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Indoors and outdoors on common building supports, bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Nourishes and blocks bottoms Exceptional gliding Can be recovered during the day Good covering and filling power C.O.V rate <1G / L Ecolabel certified in white and shades NEVADA Special matte paint without blocking and insulating tension based on polymerized vegetable oil treated with lime in solvent phase. Indoors for high-end finishing decoration. Blocking, insulating and tension-free Great whiteness, non-yellowing Exceptional opacity, without recovery Application Fresh in fresh Low odor UNISTOP WOOD EVO Multilayer paint based on satin alkyd resin for the protection and decoration of wood in solvent phase Good covering and filling power Microporous High flexibility of the film Fungicide protection agent Contains an anticorrosion pigment. // ROLLERS - SLEEVES : PERFECT TOOLS A good level of finish therefore depends on the quality of the paint but also on the application material. Because it is difficult to find your way among all the market references, 2 major French brands offer you a unique concept in France. 3 COLORS / 3 SLEEVES POLYESTER WOVEN 13MM POLYAMIDE WICK 12MM MICROFIBRE HD UNIKALO


. Rock wool is an insulating material with multiple performances: Fire, noise and anti-waste - stone wool insulation Rockwool will assure you a real thermal and acoustic comfort. ROCKMUR KRAFT is used for the insulation of all types of vertical walls between the framework and all types of masonry counter-partitions. It is a semi-rigid panel, coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier with a density ranging from 28 to 36kg / m3. The panel is available in thicknesses 45mm to 220mm. //èmes/u/1456/comble-perdu---comble-amenage/roulrock-kraft EASYROCK is used for attic spaces renovated, with installation in a horizontal direction (perpendicular to the rafters). EASYROCK is a stone wool insulation roll, coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier, dimensions (mm): 2200 x 600 and thickness 200mm. //èmes/u/1459/comble-perdu---comble-amenage/easyrock All products Rockwool are available in DIY stores and professional building brands. Rockwool Find all the information on the product and its implementation on Our contact details: Rockwool 111 rue du château des Rentiers 75013 Paris. Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 Fax: 01 45 86 80 75


. Postcard holder Postcard holder. You can slide in pretty cards (13x15 format), photos, daily papers or even mail. Practical, it hangs on the wall, or is placed on a piece of furniture. Ideal in an entry, kitchen or office! 2 columns - 6 boxes in total Finish: gray metal Find it here THE BELETTES MARK is a site for decorative objects located in Saint Germain en Laye (78) TÉL. : 01 34 51 20 18 Worldwide delivery To find on the site Set of 3 rattan cages CageRotinSet3 Set of 3 rattan cages with square base, top opening. You can put them on or hang them because of their ring. They can go in all country styles, vintage even Scandinavian! Please note these cages are decorative… // Gray iron desk lamp LW16029 Gray patinated iron desk lamp. Its shape gives it a very vintage look. // Chalkboard sticky note LW1145: Sticky note of rectangular shape out of wooden and painting slate provided with a small shelf Easy to hang thanks to its hooks on the back, you can leave it in raw wood or skate it to your taste. Attention it is compulsory to use chalk pens to write because it is a slate paint. In a country or vintage spirit you can put it in a kitchen, an entry, an office ... We like: the small oval plate in the upper part // wall-frame-old wood-shelf-console-.html? search_query lw1145 = 1 & results = Cast iron bookend with rabbit motif LW3269-gray Set of gray patinated cast iron bookends. Exists in other animal models but also in brown patinated cast iron. Very nice qualities, you can put them on a desk, a library ... // g = 2 & results THE HERITER OF TIME We have moved to international time, find us now on our new site // and follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps New visual identity and new site Delivery France & International Remember to visit our Facebook page and Houzz Notebook We want to have them all to play with the colors and patterns that we associate with our moods, the themes that are dear to us, or simply, a day of the week. A notebook to take with you everywhere, so you don't forget anything. The +: a format that allows you to carry it everywhere! Composition: Lokta paper - Renewable natural material Dimensions: A5 Pattern: Crazy old rose Handcrafted from fair trade - Handmade in Nepal MUSKHANE Nepal's heart beats MUSKHANE In this Himalayan kingdom, simplicity and joy live in the present. The colors light up everyday with refined nuances. Beauty and spirituality are in every gesture. Since 2003, MUSKHANE offers a line of deliciously soft clothes and decorative items, inspired by this Nepalese harmony which is essential and essential for us. All products are available in a vibrant palette of colors, renewed each season. On the skin, a 100% cashmere range of soft accessories for the whole family, and delicate fine knit for women. Soft and fluid like a second skin, these basics are easy to layer and combine with any outfit. For the home, a felt collection imbued with softness and good humor. Pieces with a refined design rub shoulders with playful and poetic objects, around which young and old alike like to gather. Our raison d'être is above all the desire to share a human adventure. It is fueled by our conviction that respect is essential. Respect for people, through the lasting ties we forge with our Nepalese partners and artisans. Respect for the environment, using only natural raw materials, shaped by hand in Nepal. MUSKHANE imagine a line of clothing and decorative items inspired by Nepal, entirely shaped by hand and available in a palette of vibrant colors. For the home, a felt collection imbued with softness and good humor, where pieces with a sleek design rub shoulders with playful and poetic objects. On the skin, a 100% cashmere range of soft accessories and fine knitwear for women. 0977065347 [email protected] [email protected] MUSKHANE Shops MUSKHANE 3 rue Pastourelle - 75003 Paris MUSKHANE 15 Faubourg des Balmettes - Annecy List of resellers Available on our website in the "Shop" and "Our resellers" section. Social networks Facebook: // Instagram: // Pinterest: // Twitter: // Old school wall map (France Climat): Link: // JELIDEE Many school maps available ... They are now little used and dethroned by digital boards or video projectors. What fate for these magnificent cards? It's up to us to give them a second life! A few nails in the wall of the office, the reading room or the living room and we could have a memory of our childhood, of our region or of our most beautiful trip… Their style blends easily with a loft decoration composed of professional furniture or industrial furniture, it also combines with a rustic or contemporary interior. In the meantime, thanks to us, they still have a bright future ahead of them! Site: // Facebook: // Wooden wall card holder (Poster Pant 100) // Dezzig The poster holder that will give a workshop spirit to your interior! Using the same principle as the pants hangers, this “extra-large” version in solid beech is equipped with chrome pliers “without creases” which do not damage the paper. The clever hanging system uses only one fixing invisible wall using a mini-rail Created and manufactured in Brittany (France). Registered model ® Dezzig Site: // Facebook: // Photos printed in Polaroid format with the Cheerz Box 30 pola photos, selected from your mobile, computer, facebook or Instagram, delivered in a designer box cheerz Cheerz app for free download on the app store or Facebook: // Instagram: @cheerz Laëgon Design Sea Pebble Cushions made of boiled wool and veined wool stuffed with a soft wadding . Presented in the show in taupe version, these cushions are unique because all the veining is done by hand and to order. The pebbles are therefore customizable by the color of the pebbles, gray, black, white, taupe, blue, mustard, raspberry,… but also the vein available in around twenty shades. Artisan, I make them in my workshop, in Provence. Machine washable cold. Dry flat. Fully recyclable. LAEGON DESIGN They are on sale on the site // as well as other decorative objects of my creation. Contact information : LAËGON DESIGN Site: // Facebook: Laegon Design page Associated email address: [email protected] Tel: 06 80 55 60 43 Address: LAEGON DESIGN, 1704 Ch de BASSAN 13390 AURIOL Donkey notebook CLEO ON THE CANVAS 387 335 Scented candle old rose +/- 45 Hrs Ø72 mm - H85 mm // 388 935 Antique pink cold diffuser 100 ml Ø55 mm - H130 mm // 387 455 Antique jasmine scented candle +/- 45 Hrs Ø72 mm - H85 mm // 388 955 Antique jasmine cold diffuser 100 ml Ø55 mm - H130 mm // Reference A: 429 840 Cashmere cedar XL scented candle +/- 100 Hrs - Ø125 mm - H155 mm // Reference B: 476 240 Scented candle ceramic pot cashmere cedar +/- 60 Hrs - 75x75 mm - H90 mm // 432 110 Scented candle set Book addict spicy woody +/- 40 Hrs - Ø78 mm - H90 mm // 432 150 Scented candle box The love story Fleuri oriental +/- 40 Hrs - Ø78 mm - H90 mm // 425 610 Scented candle - Galvanized cover Soap of washerwomen +/- 40 Hrs Ø73 mm - H83 mm // 425 620 Scented candle - Galvanized lid Antique wax +/- 40 Hrs Ø73 mm - H83 mm // 425 640 Scented candle - Galva lid Colle des écoliers +/- 40 Hrs Ø73 mm - H83 mm // 425 630 Scented candle - Galvanized cover Baume des selliers +/- 40 Hrs Ø73 mm - H83 mm // 361 010 Round ball of wool PM +/- 25 Hrs Ø80 mm - H70 mm // 361,015 Spool of twine +/- 75 Hrs Ø90 mm - H110 mm // 361,000 PM stearine wire spool +/- 8 Hrs Ø55 mm - H60 mm // 510 450 XXL pine cone candle +/- 220 Hrs Ø180 mm - H250 mm 510 540 Scented candle 3 wicks in wooden holder XL - Precious wood +/- 60 Hrs Ø260 mm - H90 510 330 Scented candle Spruce and hot honey milk +/- 40 Hrs Ø76mm - H89mm // -et-milk-hot-au-miel.html 510 501 Cement pot - Scented candle Snow crystals +/- 30 Hrs - Ø110 mm - H75 mm // LA FRANCAISE CANDLES


. Vintage teacher's desk revisited: after careful sanding, all the wooden parts have been repainted in STONY GROUND by Farrow and Ball. The tubular steel structure was left "in its own juice". SMALL ROOF WORKSHOP mail: [email protected] Facebook: // Coffee table with 3 wooden drawers 110 cm LW1062: Coffee table in aged pine with 3 functional drawers. You can also use it as a TV stand thanks to its small height. You can leave it as is or skate it as you wish ... // THE HERITER OF TIME - We have moved to international time, find us now on our new site and follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps - New visual identity and new site - Shipping France & International. - Remember to visit our Facebook page and Houzz Manet chair (ref 26847) Material: birch Dimensions: 41 x 45 x 83cm TABLE SIDE Charming tableware and decoration 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux Cedex 05 56 69 68 68 All the information available on


. Campaign pendant light (ref 27756) Material: rattan and iron Dimensions: D28 x H24cm TABLE SIDE Charming tableware and decoration 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux Cedex 05 56 69 68 68 All the information available on A wicker ball suspension . WIND OPPOSITE Telephone 04 91 33 76 66 or 06 01 04 57 79 Site: Mail: [email protected] Address: vent contre 29 rue Estelle 13001 marseille Facebook: catherine caussarieu Half Large Aviary Suspension; design Mathieu Challières Fake birds in real feathers have found refuge in a copper-wire screen shade. A singular object that has become a design classic. // MATHIEU CHALLIERES Contact: [email protected] Paris is a square wall lamp made from a geo map from the 50s / 60s (School poster) Collection the geo is displayed. Zaralobo . // "As it was before camping" Rectangular wall lamp Made from a school poster from the 50s and 60s, exclusive Zaralobo // ZARALOBO Site: // facebook: Les Lampes De Zaralobo Instagram: zaralobo1 Postal address Edwige Bregaint 2 rue Danton 78800 Houilles 0661534544 0175930793 [email protected] SNOW 91302 Suspension in capsule shape made of woven paper cord. Sold with electrification. Dimensions: H31 / D38mE27 / 100W incandescent Color: white DALAT 91095 Matt black dome suspension, concrete effect interior. Sold with electrification. Dimensions: H21.5 / D31cm. E27 / 60W. Color: matt black PRC designer and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on