How to install curtains in a kitchen?

How to install curtains in a kitchen?

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What fasteners for your kitchen curtains?

Ask some curtains in a kitchen suppose to address the issue of fasteners. If you opt for a classic rod, favor the eyelet curtains ; with them, the installation of the curtains could not be simpler, since it suffices to pass the eyelets through the rod, and voila! In addition, this type of fasteners, more resistant, is perfectly suitable for the use of curtains in a kitchen.

In fact, keep in mind that in a kitchen, you will have to open your windows very regularly, in particular to allow the evacuation of odors when you pass behind the stoves. The fasteners of your kitchen curtains must therefore be designed to withstand multiple stresses. It is a guarantee of longevity!

The type of kitchen curtains you need

If the curtains and fabric curtains have an undeniable charm and let the light through well, they are not necessarily suitable for installation in a kitchen. Indeed, cooking is a messy activity: splashes of fat or sauce are unfortunately likely to stain the fabric of the curtains. So, unless your windows are far from the hobs or your stove, choose instead synthetic materials (such as polyester), which is easier to maintain (they can easily be washed in the washing machine).

Increasingly popular in the kitchen - and even the bathroom -, metal blinds have an undeniable advantage in this area, since dirt does not penetrate the heart of the metal. In the event of grease or other splashes, a little sponge or damp cloth on the blades and presto, cleaning is already finished! When purchased, blinds are more expensive than fabric kitchen curtains, but they will cause you much less hassle in terms of maintenance over the long term…

How to choose the color of your kitchen curtains

Once you have put aside all the technical issues, it's time to think about the decorating your kitchen in herself. The imagination of designers is limitless, you will be spoiled for choice!

First possible option: harmonize the color of your kitchen curtains to that of your furniture, or that of a particular piece of furniture (worktop, central island, storage unit, etc.). The tone on tone creates an effect of continuity: the glance slides, pleasantly and without obstruction, from one element to another.

A bolder alternative is to install a kitchen curtain in bright, shimmering or tart colors. In monochrome kitchen, the curtain will then bring the little touch of punch that will make all the difference! Another interesting alternative to bring pep's in your room: opt for patterned kitchen curtains ; whether they are classic (geometric shapes, polka dots, flowers, etc.) or more original (why not opt ​​for patterns that clearly refer to the culinary world like cupcakes or cakes?), they will form a decorative element to full part to beautify your room.


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