Everything to receive loved ones for the holidays!

Everything to receive loved ones for the holidays!

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The end of year celebrations are fast approaching and our loved ones are preparing to disembark for unforgettable moments. Do not panic, if the beds are lacking or the seats in the lounge are not numerous enough, dé presents its selection to receive all these beautiful people.

Extendable white dining table, € 299 *, Home Innovation

A dining table that offers 6 different formats to adapt to all moments of everyday life: smart! From 49 to 301 cm long, it is available as an entrance hall, kitchen table, desk or XXL dining table for the whole family!

Giant ultra-resistant cushion, € 56.80 *, Paris Price

What could be better than a giant pouffe to decorate the garden or interior with an original seat in addition? We are happy to adopt this generously sized cushion that invites you to relax: ideal for opening your gifts with a relaxed head!

White triangle pattern table service, € 57.99 *, Paris Price

A table service designed in porcelain to delight all gourmets. Plates, deep or dessert, mugs and cutlery - a complete set available in a duo of white and gray to liven up meals with elegance.

Scandinavian style gray bench, € 60.40 *, Decorative Appointment

A design bench at a low price to easily offer two additional seats to your guests ... Without sacrificing the decor! Because this little piece of furniture has everything it takes to bring the Scandinavian spirit into your interior.

Glass coffee table and rounded poufs, € 199.90 *, Top Déco

We combine the chic of a glass tray with the friendly spirit of the poufs to welcome family and friends around an aperitif. 6 seats to slide under the coffee table once the festivities are over, to optimize the space!

Eggplant cotton fireside chair, € 71.30 *, Jardin Déco

What could be more cozy than a pretty fireside chair? We opt for a warm color like the eggplant shade to bring a touch of sweetness in this winter season. One of your guests will thank you warmly for this delicate attention.

Double inflatable mattress, € 68.99 *, INTEX

An additional bed yes, but comfortable! This mattress with a worked design offers you a night worthy of a real bed. Firmness, 2-in-1 base and rapid inflation: the winning trio for hosting loved ones, even at the last minute!

Black metallic trolley on wheels, € 179 *, Woood

Is your table too small? The service runs to your rescue! Your guests will not be too tight thanks to this practical storage solution. Hop, large dishes find their place there once the guests are served. Find all the extendable dining room furniture here! img id = "254566" / Prices noted on the site on 20/11/2017, subject to change depending on commercial offers.


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