Towel folding tutorial: the tulip

Towel folding tutorial: the tulip

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Spring is my favorite season. That of renewal, which marks the return of luminosity and gives me the energy necessary to set out again in new projects by the thousands. It is also during this period that the pretty tulips bloom. They are among the first flowers to adorn themselves with colors and to color our parks. And that's probably why I appreciate them so much. Up on my table in a napkin folding version! I have fond memories of the tulip fields as far as the eye can see during my trip to the Netherlands. Failing to return regularly to the land of cycling, I decided to bring a little spring to my table by regularly inviting a paper tulip, made thanks to a folding of napkin. It is for this folding of 2 towels that we will assemble at the end: one for the stem, which I chose logically green, and a smaller one to make the petals. The latter can be chosen from a multitude of colors, solid or graphic, if you want to add an extra touch of fantasy to your decoration. Let's go, I explain step by step how to make your tulip in a few minutes. Let's go ! The extra tip: take a small towel to make the petals to maintain logical proportions for your flower.

The steps for making the petals:

1. Open your towel and position the inside face up.

2. Fold your towel in half to form a triangle.

3. Bring the right tip upwards to form a right triangle.

4. Repeat the operation with the left tip.

5. Fold the left and right ends of your towel. Repeat with your left tip.

6. Fold inward the bottom tip of your fold.

The steps for making the rod:

1. Open your towel and position the inside face up.

2. Fold your towel in half to form a triangle and mark the fold.

3. Reopen the towel.

4. Bring the right tip and the left tip along the center mark of your fold.

5. Fold the top right point of your fold, always bringing it along the central marking.

6. Repeat with your upper left tip.

7. Turn your folding again, 180 °, from bottom to top…

9. Cast off the top right edge along the center line.

10. Repeat the top left edge of your fold.

10. Fold the top tip to the bottom tip of your fold.

11. Turn your folding one last time, 180 °, from bottom to top.

11. Fold your fold in half.

12. Go get the smallest rod inside your fold and pull it to the right.

All you have to do is assemble the petals and the stem using a small tape.

And There you go ! Your folding is now ready to reach your table and give it a breath of fresh spring. And this flower, no need to maintain or water it. Perfect, right?


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