Special decoration and planning: the essentials in Aquitaine

Special decoration and planning: the essentials in Aquitaine

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A construction ? A renovation? Or maybe just the desire to change everything? The best specialists in Aquitaine are at your service to make your dreams come true! Wood is very trendy and many people choose this material for the construction of their house. The specialist in your area in this area is M Bois, who also offers small nomad houses to be transported on a trailer everywhere with you. For the renovation of your accommodation, the painting professionals are undoubtedly Le Comptoir Seigneurie Gauthier for the purchase of high quality materials and Majorelle Peintures to have them produced by qualified and passionate teams. In the kitchen, we opt for Cuisines Venidom which, as the name suggests, comes to your place to create the kitchen of your dreams. And for the latter's work plan, the specialist you need is HM Déco, which makes tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to your situation. Finally, in this room as in all the others, Du Côté de Chez Soi takes care of the furniture and interior decoration of your accommodation.

Majorelle Peintures, tailor-made renovation

HM Déco, the specialist in tailor-made work plans

Le Comptoir Seigneurie Gauthier: paints and coatings for professionals and individuals

Venidom kitchens, the kitchen specialist who comes to your home

M Wood, wooden constructions and nomadic houses

Du Côté de Chez Soi: kitchen furniture and fittings for all tastes