Meal Prep: one day for one week of meals

Meal Prep: one day for one week of meals

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In the series “I want to save time for the organization of the house and be able to take a break in the evening when I come home from work”, we ask everything that can help us in the preparation of meals. Right now, the answer would certainly be the Meal Prep, a home adoption organization that would save you hours on weekdays while eating well. What's the secret ? We will explain everything to you !

What is meal prep?

You guessed it, the Meal Prep comes to us from Anglo-Saxon countries. Meal Prep is actually the contraction of “meal prepping” or “meal preparation” which literally means meal preparation. To sum up, it is a matter of organizing meals in advance. There are no real rules regarding this advance: some will choose to make meals for four days while others prepare their dishes for a whole month (long live the freezer!). If you do the average, the Meal Prep seems to work well (especially for the organization) for an entire week. The challenge still remains daunting.

Conditions for adopting the Meal Prep

The Meal Prep may not be suitable for everyone. As it is still a fairly high level of organization, it is better to like this kind of challenge before embarking. To find out if the Meal Prep is right for you, it is best to meet the following conditions: * Know how to prepare your menu for the week in advance and do your shopping (only once) with your shopping list. * Know the food well. The Meal Prep is also a question of combining foods, so you have to juggle starchy foods, vegetables, meats, dairy products, etc. So that the healthy aspect is really respected, it is necessary to know in advance the good associations. * Be ready to spend half a day in the kitchen (after that can be arranged). If the Meal Prep saves time on weekdays, it can keep you busy for most of the weekend. If you prefer forest walks, go your way. * Do not fear “redundancy”. The Meal Prep is effective in terms of organization time if you use the same ingredients several times during the week. This implies that you do not mind eating the same thing several times during the week. * Be rather routine. The Meal Prep leaves little room for improvisation. If the prospect of a restaurant planned at the last minute enchants you, the Meal Prep will have a hard time convincing you.

With the Meal Prep, your fridge will always be full

The advantages of meal prep

If the conditions mentioned above did not scare you, the Meal prep may be for you. Besides, he has solid arguments to convince. * Save time in the evening. This is the ultimate goal. All those who have adopted the Meal Prep testify to its effectiveness for the evenings of the week. Coming home from work, you just have to assemble the ingredients and heat (or reheat) your dish. * No longer wondering what we are going to eat tonight. This is a question we no longer ask ourselves and we realize that it really comes down to no longer having to worry about it. * Eat healthier. With a meal planned in advance, we eat differently. Fewer crackles possible and fewer meals made with what is on hand, therefore better nutrition. * Eat more economically. By going shopping with a precise list, you buy less anything. The principle is also to cook in larger quantities, we can save money with promotions on the packs.

The material to have (ideally) for the meal prep

The Meal Prep being the opposite of improvisation, it requires having some tools on hand: * Boxes of conservation in quantity, bags of conservation. This is the basis ! * A refrigerator and a freezer which are not at the end of their life because if you have nothing to keep in good conditions, it is better to forget the Meal Prep. * A food processor: one that will cut into slices, grate or chop. The one that will save you incredible time. * A vacuum device: not essential but if you really become a Meal Prepping ace, it will bring a more obvious. This is the best way to keep it for the long term. * A microwave because it's still the most practical and quick way to heat a dish.

The vacuum machine, a guarantee of security for conservation.

Concretely, how does meal prep work?

It happens in several stages. The first phase, which is undoubtedly the most important since it will condition all the rest, is the development of the menu. We will have to succeed in finding a nutritional balance by selecting ingredients and dishes to use several times. Fortunately, you can count on Meal Prep professionals who post their menus on the Internet. This will already give you ideas to get started. Once the menu is determined and the shopping done, you can move on to setting up your Meal Prep. This organization requires spending several hours in the kitchen, so you have to prepare yourself. To make this happen in the best conditions, start by having a clean and tidy kitchen (and keep it that way during preparations). Adding music can also make the moment enjoyable. The context is important because this preparation phase can quickly turn into a nightmare. To optimize your time, try to group the same tasks of different dishes. For example, we make onion rings for all the dishes that require it. We cook all the rice for the week at once. The same actions are also grouped together: for example, the peeling session is done all at once for all the vegetables. Think about how a professional kitchen works to inspire you.

Jars, a decorative way to preserve! The third phase of Meal Prep is that of conservation. We do not laugh with this crucial step for health. We therefore inquire about the best conditions for preserving these dishes but also for consumption.