What plants to put in a teenage bedroom?

What plants to put in a teenage bedroom?

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It is proven, green plants cheer up and participate in a feeling of general well-being, even in bedrooms. But just to pronounce the word "green plant", your teenager has already uttered great cries of fright, and frankly, you do not see him watering a begonia in his lair. Fortunately, there are not only begonias in life, and these 6 plants should seduce your teenagers ... and even their friends! We bet ?

A carnivorous plant in Max's teenage bedroom, 14

This plant is not a green plant, it is a real T.rex. With its terrible serrated jaws just waiting to close on the first gnat to come, the flycatcher seems straight out of a science fiction comic or a video game. And if Max is lucky enough to see her catch an insect, he should quickly adopt this strange plant and be happy to water it regularly with demineralized water, while ensuring that its atmosphere remains humid thanks to its super pistol-spray. The good news is that he will not have to feed this carnivorous plant in flies, the Venus flytrap does very well on its own ...

A monstrous creature from space? No, a Venus flytrap!

For Faustine, 13, an aquatic terrarium

At 13, Faustine has a lot more to think about than watering her flowers, and we understand that. As she is a bit dreamy, she prefers to leave in her bubble to tell stories. With a beautiful aquatic terrarium on her desk, she can continue to dream without having to handle the watering can, and that she will love. Just put an aquarium plant in a large jar with tap water, close it and find a bright place, and presto, voila.

A green plant ? No, a mermaid garden!

For Louis, 16, a stinging cactus

At 17, Louis is also monopolized by many other thoughts than green plants. But if you offer him a beautiful cactus, he can be very sensitive to the charm of this exotic, thorny and, it must be said, a little phallic plant. A beautiful cactus can even set the tone for its personal decoration, and indicate to visitors that it should not be bothered, at the risk of being bitten. And the icing on the cactus, this plant has the good taste of requiring very little watering and of surviving many oversights ...

The cactus, the plant of reckless cowboys ...

For Romane, 16, a purple oxalys

At 16, Roxane is however much more sensitive to its decor and its environment, but there is no question that she has in her room the same green plants as in the family living room, even if they are Pilea. The purple oxalys can however seduce it with its large leaves in the shape of a lucky clover and with its intense color, both feminine and original. With a pretty plant pot, this plant with a very strong personality can follow it for a long time…

The purple oxalys, a refined and rare plant!

For Héloïse, 13, a Hoya kerrii

Barely out of childhood, Heloise still has her stuffed animals on her bed and Hello Kitty stickers stuck on her notebooks. If she were to draw her favorite green plant, she would certainly have the shape of a heart. And that's good, since this plant exists, and it will easily find its place on its bedside table! Hoya kerrii can be purchased from florists or garden centers, especially during Valentine's Day. And if Héloïse takes good care of it, taking care to keep the soil slightly moist, her Hoya can grow until it becomes a magnificent succulent plant with many heart-shaped leaves!

A real princess plant…

For Diego, 13, a Mimosa pudica

It's official, Diego prefers animals to plants, because he likes to play with them while plants seem reluctant to interact with him. Surprise him with this strange plant, which retracts when touched. Indeed, it is enough to gently stroke the foliage of a Mimosa pudica so that it closes on itself in a few seconds. And that, it amuses madly Diego, who has already invited all his class buddies to come and experience in his bedroom… To make this plant curiosity flourish, think of placing it in a bright place, outside. '' water every week and spray it in case of hot weather.

A plant to pet for surprising experiences!


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