Felt thermos

Felt thermos

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Tracing paper Scissors Pins Gray or white felt 1 dressmaker's chalk Red or blue embroidery cotton thread 1 needle 1 bottle of Bordeaux wine in translucent glass


5 'Reproduction of patterns

Use the tracing paper to reproduce the pdf pattern: 277612 and cut out the shapes.

10 'Marking

Pin these shapes on the back of the felt and trace the contours flush with the tracing paper with the dressmaker's chalk. Cut the pieces out of the felt.

5 'Embroidery

Embroider the numbers on the body of the bottle with the embroidery cotton thread.

15 'Sewing of the first part

Using the cotton thread to embroider, sew the body of the envelope directly on the bottle, making large regular stitches and connecting A and B as shown in sketch n ° 1.

5 'Sewing of the second part

Sew the bottom of the bottle to the body.

10 'First assembly

Sew edge C and edge D of the collar and connect it to the body of the bottle.

5 'Second assembly

Sew the edge E and the edge F of the neck, then connect it to the collar.


Use a bottle of vinegar of the same size with a screw cap. You will be able to cover the felt cap and get an airtight thermos.

Cover glasses with felt of the same color as that used for the bottle and use identical wire to create a service for cold or hot drinks. By embroidering the figures at different heights, you can vary the temperatures indicated and thus obtain a fun graphic game.

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