How to fix a chipped cup?

How to fix a chipped cup?

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Patatras… Your cup has escaped from your hands. The handle broke or the edge broke? Do not throw it away, you can repair a chipped cup easily and permanently!

Before repairing a chipped cup, some precautions to take

- Start by putting on thin plastic gloves to protect your hands. - Then identify the parts to be glued and reconstruct the blank puzzle to better understand the assembly. If necessary, mark the pieces with a felt pen on the inside. - Gently clean the pieces with a soft cloth with a little acetone so that they are very clean.

To fix a chipped cup, which glue should I use?

Two types of glue are usually used to repair porcelain, earthenware or chipped or broken ceramic. If cyanoacrylate glue is sufficient for an instant and resistant bonding, it should be reserved for the repair of decorative objects rather than the repair of crockery subjected to regular use. For your everyday cup, choose two-component epoxy glue, resin and hardener, in equal proportions. It has this quality of being resistant to aging, perfect for the cup that you wash regularly, by hand or in the dishwasher.

Repairing a chipped cup, step by step

- To help you hold the largest piece of the cup, fill a bowl of fine sand, for example, and push the element into the sand. - Mix the desired amount of the two components of the glue in a small container using a match. - Apply the mixture to each piece to be repaired and assemble them, from the smallest to the largest. - Help yourself if necessary with an adhesive tape to maintain the whole during drying, of three hours at least. As soon as you feel the grip, clean any glue residue with a soft cloth with a little acetone.


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