8 valet ideas

8 valet ideas

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1. Metal and wood valet stand, Alinéa, € 39.99 2. Wooden valet stand, Izzywotnot, € 46.99 3. Black valet stand, Alinéa, € 29.99 4. Design valet stand, Maisons du Monde, € 99.99 5. Valet, Izziwotnot, € 46.99 6. White valet, La Redoute, € 48.35 7. Night valet, La Redoute, € 119 8. Valet , 3 Suisses, 49 € Whether your room is small or large, are you looking for an elegant and functional storage solution? Bet on a valet, practical to keep your outfit within reach without having to rummage in your dressing room. Scandinavian, compact or design, here is our selection of valets, at all prices. Do you want to optimize the space in your room without overloading the room with overly imposing furniture? We give you 8 ideas for valets to keep your items close at hand without cluttering the room. This designer furniture is ideal if you have a slight tendency to leave your clothes lying around the room. To add cachet to your decor while keeping a practical aspect, whether classic, Scandinavian or design, the valet is a must for your little cocoon.

Optimize your room with a valet suit adapted to your decor: design, cozy, Scandinavian…


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