How to make your own spirit level?

How to make your own spirit level?

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Using the spirit level

The spirit level is an essential tool in a handyman's toolbox. Its function is to check that an element is plumb, either horizontally or vertically. Its accuracy is around half a millimeter per meter. It is the air bubble present in the level which makes it possible to carry out the measurements. This must be placed exactly between the two lines of the level to be certain that the element being measured is correctly placed.

Check that a frame is straight, do not mount its wall shelves askew, erect a low wall in a garden that is straight ... These are just as many situations in which the spirit level proves to be very useful.

If you do not have a bubble level at home or do not want to invest in this tool, there are a few DIY solutions to create your own level. Very simple DIY, to make if necessary.

1. The second life of a ballpoint pen!

It only takes a few steps to transform a simple ballpoint pen in real spirit level

To do this, collect the transparent plastic tube, and block the small hole in the middle with adhesive tape. Then close one end of the plastic tube with plasticine. Pour oil inside, leaving a quarter of the tube empty, to allow the formation of an air bubble. Close the second end with plasticine.

You can be proud of your spirit level!

2. Make a spirit level using a syringe

Practical work session! Rest assured, realize a functional and ergonomic spirit level is child's play!

Take a clean syringe and block the end with plasticine. Then, inside the syringe, pour red fruit syrup, the color of which will be easily visible behind the translucent walls.

Attention, take care not to completely fill your syringe: this is how an air bubble will form inside. Your level is ready to use!

3. Plumb bob, a clever alternative

Why not continue your momentum, now realizing an economical and practical plumb line ? The necessary equipment is very succinct: a ball of brightly colored wool, a pair of scissors, and a metal key.

Start by cutting the appropriate length of wire, between 20 and 40 cm according to your needs. Then tie one end of the wire on your key.

Your plumb line is ready to use! It will allow you to check the verticality of your works. You are perfectly equipped. All you have to do is use a little elbow grease…

4. Your smartphone, the spirit level 2.0

If you don't have the equipment to make your bubble level in DIY version, you have one last solution: use your smartphone! Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer 2.0 inside you.

You will need your smartphone and an internet connection. Google indeed offers a functionality capable of transforming any smartphone into a bubble level.

To do this, launch the Google Chrome browser on your device. Go to the Google home page and type "level" in the search bar. Above the results will appear a green rectangle acting as a spirit level.

Then place your smartphone on the surface on which you work. Your smartphone will thus measure the inclination of the support relative to the horizon.

In just a few seconds, it's easy to know if the measurements are good or not.


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