A mix and match Christmas table

A mix and match Christmas table

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Made of colors, shapes and varied materials, the art of mix and match is within everyone's reach to energize Christmas decoration with ease. In this spirit where decorative interbreeding is king, we gladly combine styles and patterns to obtain a whole that looks like us. Focus on this original and offbeat trend that promises a unique decor!

The old and the modern

The mix and match does not condemn the objects of yesteryear, on the contrary. It is clear that it is in the old pots that we make the best soup, the art of the table presents itself as the ideal playground between the dishes of grandma and the utensils of today. Materials also have a say in this singular composition: what could be better than a wooden presentation plate to contrast with the immaculate white of the ORNELLA porcelain model? Crystal, steel, ceramic and bamboo - all combinations are good to give rhythm to the meal.

Volume in the plates

We stack, we juxtapose, we pile up: the volume is an incomparable atmosphere booster that brings our festive table to life. No hesitation then to marry the designs to create an even more marked contrast at each stage of our feast. Aesthetic and delicate, the marriage of forms is played between deep plates, flat plates, slender stemmed glasses or small water glass, to obtain a dynamic whole by varying the square and rounded aspects of the dishes - the mix shows this harmoniously " deep plate / dessert plate "from the LADY series. The volume is also worked through the patterns to obtain an attractive visual effect. Striped, polka dot, plain or two-tone, we appreciate the mix of genres down to the details. And if this option is not on the program for dishes, you can play with other items such as table linen. Tablecloth and napkins will gladly fold to this set of patterns to change the traditional tone on tone. You will understand, the mix and match movement is an ideal choice to offer our meal a touch of modernity with elegance. A friendly and fun moment - in other words, tailor-made to spend a New Year's Eve worthy of the name!

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