Make your wall Christmas tree

Make your wall Christmas tree

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Lack of square meters or simple desire for change, the wall tree upsets the tradition with delicacy and originality! Simple to make and customizable at will, we present you a favorite model to design in just 3 steps. Less imposing than its natural companion, the wall-mounted tree is placed wherever you want to liven up the living room gently. No need to budget a DIY budget for this achievement, the principle allows you to use old Christmas decorations to stage among other elements. Animals, Christmas balls and other sweets will easily find their place on this ephemeral painting. For a subtle effect that fits into your wall, we prefer a colorful two-color or three-color range to avoid overloading. Do not panic if the wall chosen is white, a tone-on-tone decoration guarantees a chic and modern result.

The creation of my wall tree

Before you start this creative workshop, select a wall section and make sure it has a power outlet nearby. An essential tip to illuminate your tree once the installation is complete. To make it you will need: - White chalk - One meter - Thumbtacks - Some Christmas decorations - A light garland

Steps :

1) Bring a meter or a ruler to draw the drawing of your tree in chalk on the wall. Mini, giant, slender or well stocked, it's up to you to choose the shape best suited to your space. 2) Using simple thumbtacks, attach a light garland to your diagram. Installed diagonally on either side of the drawing, it serves as a base for the rest of your decoration. 3) In the same way as a traditional tree, you now just need to pin one by one your favorite decorative elements. To obtain a harmonious picture, we scatter here and there objects with identical color codes or shapes to create reminders throughout your installation. Size of the drawing, color of chalk and number of decorative objects, you are free to choose the style you want to offer your Christmas work according to your wishes - in this fast and economical creation, the only limit is your imagination! Source: © Buzzfeed


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