5 tips for decorating a duplex

5 tips for decorating a duplex

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In terms of decoration, the duplex offers very rich decorative possibilities. It can have a good height under ceiling, with lots of light and give us the impression of living in a house. So, more than in a single-level apartment, we dare to color and create different atmospheres according to the spaces!

Two different atmospheres on each floor

The floor is not or not very visible from the lower level, this is the opportunity to be able to play on two atmospheres or two well identified styles. The question of the harmonious transition is less posed than when one is in spaces of the same level open one on the other. So imagine for example an industrial style downstairs with parquet, waxed concrete and metal furniture, and a family house style upstairs with carpet on the floor, soft and neutral colors for a very comfortable atmosphere.

The parents' floor, the children's floor, that's the duplex!

This is the real benefit of the duplex, and it is for this reason that we often find the expression "like a house" in real estate ads. Two possibilities are available to you depending on the configuration, the constraints of space and your rooms: - If level 1 has a bedroom close to the living rooms, living room, dining room, then we reserve this room for parents and the second to children. - If the sleeping area of ​​level 1 is relatively far from the living rooms by a corridor for example, then the children can settle in, and the parents can offer upstairs a master suite with bathroom baths. Be careful, don't forget that you have a staircase and that you may have to go up and down several times during the day! So remember to arrange your rooms according to your daily activities.

Make way for color

You can dare to color in a duplex perhaps more easily than in an apartment on one level. The elements that compose it, such as the staircase for example, offer interesting wall spaces to exploit. If the duplex has enough height under ceiling, it is still an argument to use bright colors without being afraid of tightening the space. A beautiful carmine red along a straight metal staircase, a section of wall covered with effect wallpaper in the attic spaces are all options that bring personality to the space while modulating it.

An attic floor

If the floor is under the roof, it can be attic, which brings a very particular cachet to the place but also makes it lose square meters. This attic space, for it to be exploited to the maximum, often requires a custom or at least specific arrangement on the storage side or for a bathroom. For example, we will provide hanging storage to free up floor space or custom-fit to insert them in the lower corners. For the bathroom, it is possible to design a bathtub shaped in the floor to gain height, but with the help of a specialist.

Canopy curtains for roof windows

Also in the case where the floor is under the roof, remember to dress the roof windows in an original way. Instead of the usual blinds, opt for "canopy" curtains on your Velux type windows: for this, attach two rods at the top and bottom of the velux and slide two sheer curtains of the color of your choice for a nice fall. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"