Create a Zen balcony

Create a Zen balcony

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To get away from the everyday and the stress of the day, nothing like a cup of tea or coffee taken on your balcony. A veritable haven of peace in everyday life, the balcony offers the opportunity to take a soothing relaxation treatment. For a final moment of rest and relaxation, opt for a Zen balcony.

Plants bringing peace and well-being

To create a Zen balcony, surround yourself with plants and flowers. The presence of these plants on a balcony makes it possible to set up a plant barrier against external aggressions. You will be able to let yourself go to the contemplation of nature. For a Zen balcony, favor a dense foliage covering the space and hiding your intimate space. A green wall can for example be used as a railing to hide the space out of sight. To appeal to the senses and create the illusion of being elsewhere, nothing like Zen plants like bonsai for example. They encourage relaxation and relaxation.

Furniture that inspires rest

Sunbeds and deckchairs are essential elements to enjoy nature and the sun. The beautiful days arrive and with them the soft rays of sun. You can arrange on your balcony a space of relaxation and well-being which will undoubtedly be able to facilitate your daily life. This place could consist of outdoor cushions, lounge chairs and hammocks. These objects will guarantee you a pleasant lying position. Restful and relaxing, this furniture provides a feeling of well-being. Enjoy a moment of relaxation on your balcony.

Therapeutic lighting: soft and relaxing light

Use soft lighting. Lighting on a Zen balcony should not obstruct the eye and compromise your moment of relaxation. Opt for a light of weak intensity and diffuse. For this, decorate your balcony with a luminous plant wall which allows you to create a serene universe. Another tip, you can get luminous balls allowing to stage a Zen and relaxed atmosphere.

A soft floor covering for the feet and the mind

The slate-colored floor inspires rest and relaxation. The floor can take a relaxing and soothing gray. The slate aspect invites you to relax in a universe conducive to contemplation and zen attitude. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"