Parade of small and large pots

Parade of small and large pots

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Behind the flower power trend of spring are the shadow stars: small and large pots. Much more than simple containers, the pots dictate the look of the garden, punctuate the interior and take the shape of all desires. These are the trendy accessories of the moment. Whether you live in an apartment or have a garden area, in summer, we have natural accessories. So that the plants play the decorative card, it is still necessary to choose the pots according to the style sought by focusing on precise materials, a particular functionality ... It is above all necessary to determine if you prefer small pots or more imposing objects.

Giant pots that set the tone

Real decorative accessories thanks to their sculptural and graphic allure, the giant or even disproportionate pots affirm the style of the garden. With textile or wicker containers, the atmosphere is light. It is rather sober and modern when the containers are made of zinc, design when the pots are made of fiberglass, and traditional if they are made of terracotta. The right idea? Align several flower pots in the garden or on the terrace in a place that you want to delimit: here is a natural partition that does not break the visual field. It is even possible to choose light pots that will enhance the garden when night falls…

Inside, the small pots enhance the space

Small pots also have their charm. Better suited to small areas, they spice up the interior or the railing of windows with light vegetal touches. If the choice of materials is made in the same way as for large pots (zinc, canvas, metal ...), here, we favor the functionality that suits us the most: hanging pot, pot with handles or basic pot. Let yourself be seduced by this tiny garden at your fingertips! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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