Everything to relax in your bathtub

Everything to relax in your bathtub

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1.Siècle Maisons du Monde cotton bath mat € 25.99 2.Incidence Shower black shower radio € 22.20 3.La Redoute Interieurs shawl sponge bathrobe € 30.24 4.Scented candle La boutique du sauna, 22.80 € 5.Bridge bathtub € 9.90 Pearl 6.Zen sponge towel set with spoiler Becquet € 17.43 7.Wenko bathtub cushion € 36.05 8.Grey cotton bath towel Hotel Maisons du Monde € 25.99

Bridge and cushion for bathtub: the must have to relax

After a hard day, who doesn't want a good, calm, hot bath? To do this, put a small bath cushion that will perfectly fit the shape of your head and neck. Are you starting to relax and want to dive into your favorite book? Adopt the bathtub deck! Elegant and functional, this small bathtub shelf allows you to place shower products, books and even a glass of wine (to start with moderation). All for 9.90 euros at Pearl!

Music and soft materials

Are you missing some music? Consider mounting a shower radio next to the tub. Its round format in black and white knows how to be discreet. Light scented candles from the Sauna Boutique, whose smell evokes "an impressionist garden where lotus flowers mingle with roses". Relaxation effect guaranteed! Finally, when you get out of the bath, think of the soft and enveloping materials of the cotton towels and bath towel. The little extra decoration: their refined monogram which evokes the linen of yesteryear and gives the impression of being at the hotel.