How to take your soup in style?

How to take your soup in style?

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1. Smash shaker soup (preparation and transport) on sale on Auchan 14.90 € 2. BOX insulated bento Marcel with Neolid stripes 29.95 € 3. Laken yellow insulated bottle on sale on Amazon from 17.95 € 4. Bowl for carrying your soup Wanwan Bento & Co € 18.90 5. Soup mug with Sistema Boulanger clips € 7.19 6. Black + Blum Thermo for taking your Black Blum soup available on Amazon € 35.90 7. Soup box Goeat Joseph Joseph on sale on La Redoute € 33.53 8. Soup container for transportation Comptoir de Lise € 7.95 9. Grunwerg food thermos available on Amazon € 35.20 10. Luntus thermo soup bento red Amazon 25 , € 13

Soup, a new trend in the office

In a few years, the soup went from the status of "nerdy granny stuff" to the status of "ultimate in trendiness". It is a hot, economical and healthy dish that can be quickly swallowed up in the office for those in a hurry! Today the has been the one who brings his thermos of coffee to the office while the foodista brings his bowl of homemade soup. But to transport your soup, you must be well equipped. Bowl, bento, shaker soup… There are different sealed and insulated containers that keep your lunch warm while avoiding spilling your soup in the process!

Ingenious containers

In addition to being able to transport soup, some lunch boxes also have very practical properties at work. For example, some soup mugs can go directly to the microwave so that your soup is reheated quickly. Some bentos are without cover (like the Neolid Box) but are still insulated to guarantee a smooth transport from the house while others such as the Thermo by Black Blum have a magnetic spoon to never forget it!


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