5 grandmother's tips for cleaning her fabric chair

5 grandmother's tips for cleaning her fabric chair

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We all have a fabric chair or sofa at home. Very pretty, it does however tend to deteriorate over time and is covered with small spots that never leave. How can you clean it properly without taking the cover to the nearest dry cleaners? Don't panic, here are some great grandmother tips that you may find useful.

Cleaning a fabric chair with black soap

Black soap is a bit of a miracle soap that gets rid of stains more easily than any other. Buy black soap that you dilute in water, gently rub the stain with a brush and it should disappear without problem. No need for chemical stain remover!

With soda crystals

This is a solution that we do not necessarily think of. Fitted with rubber household gloves, dilute a cup of soda in hot water. Dip a clean sponge in the mixture, wring it out well, then pass it over your fabric chair, emphasizing the stains. Cleaning with soda crystals is ideal for light fabrics. If you intend to use it on more vivid or dark colors, take care to test the mixture on a small corner of fabric beforehand because it is possible that the color will bleed. It is essential to rinse your fabric furniture once you have cleaned it. To do this, simply arm yourself with a washcloth or a sponge soaked in clear water.

With shaving foam

It is an unusual cleaning idea but it works, ideal for a superficial cleaning of your fabric armchair. Spray a large layer of shaving foam, leave on for an hour and then rub with a damp sponge. Then dry the chair with a clean cloth.

Dry cleaning with sommières earth

It is a classic that works on all textiles: the earth of sommières is certainly our grandmothers' best weapon for dry cleaning. Sprinkle it all over the furniture, armed with rubber gloves, massage the fabric so that it works better. Leave to dry for a few hours (overnight for best results) then vacuum the sommières soil. It will have absorbed all the fatty spots.

Toothpaste for ink stains

Help, I have an ink stain on my beautiful brand new fabric chair! Don't panic, just arm yourself with toothpaste! It may sound strange but the toothpaste is a very good stain remover. Please note, this technique does not work on all types of fabrics. On your ink stain, spread toothpaste until completely absorbed. Then scrape the toothpaste to remove it from your furniture. Easy as pie.


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