5 decorative uses of stripes to copy!

5 decorative uses of stripes to copy!

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Thin or XXL version, homogeneous or irregular, bicolor or multicolor ... The stripes are infinite and punctuate the interiors of all styles. The more adventurous dare to introduce stripes on a wall or on imposing furniture. The more cautious, they can invite them lightly on small accessories. Discover 5 decorative inspirations to copy urgently, to adopt stripes in your interior…

1. On a wall

© Ferm Living Stripes will have the most effect on the walls of your interior! And this season, the XXL version is the trend in wallpaper. Not only do they stand out and catch the eye, but they also give rhythm to your interior. But where it becomes interesting is when you choose them vertical to give a feeling of height to the walls and thus visually enlarge the space. In any case, avoid the total look so as not to weigh down the room and prefer a single section of wall. You can, for example, use them to enhance an office space in a living room, a headboard in a bedroom or even to define a dressing table corner!

2. On a carpet

© Urban Outfitters Who said stripes should be regular and two-tone? Like this rug, the stripes take on another dimension when they are the opposite, namely: irregular and multicolored. A little red, green, off-white, black follow each other and form beautiful lines with different widths ... Enough to bring warmth and conviviality in an interior with bohemian airs. The right idea? Use the striped rug to create a cozy space in a living room or a sleeping area in the bedroom.

3. On furniture

© Anthropologie Once again, the stripes are off the beaten track by adopting hypnotizing forms. This is the case with this armchair whose shape evokes English elegance but whose stripes recall ethnic patterns. We love the essential duo of black and white for a resolutely modern look! Installed in the living room, in an entrance hall or even in a bedroom, a striped armchair like this will give character to the room in which it is located. And for the more daring, also consider inviting the stripes on larger furniture such as a sofa!

4. On cushions and poufs

© Maisons du Monde If XXL stripes are the trend, it is not always easy to assume them. If you prefer the subtle decorations, the stripes can very well play it discreet. It is enough, for this, to adopt them on a small decoration accessory. This is the case with this sublime bedroom with a country house decor. Distilled on an ottoman and on cushions, the stripes are fine, delicate and moderate. We love the combination of off-white and stripes with the terracota shade, the flagship color of winter 2018-19!

5. On a suspension

© Petite Friture We finish our selection with a way, we couldn't be more unexpected, to invite scratches in your interior. And for good reason, they make the structure of this majestic pendant lamp. Imposing but airy, massive but light, this pendant light will be the centerpiece of your living room, office, kitchen or dining room! Here, the stripes provide original and graphic shadow effects and will turn the head of more than one ...