How to wash a wall?

How to wash a wall?

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Washing a wall is something you have to do at least once in your life. To prepare a wall to be repainted or only to wash it, leaching is your solution. But beware, this crucial step should not be done haphazardly! Here are some tips to wash your walls in the state of the art.

Prepare well before washing the walls

The first thing to do is to have the right tools. If washing a wall does not require a lot of tools, it is still necessary to equip yourself. A new sponge, hot water, a basin and detergent are enough. We generally recommend St Marc washing powder, the properties of which are more suitable for washing a wall. You will also find specific soaps (and a little more expensive) in DIY stores. They can be useful for washing walls with special coatings (wallpaper, tadelackt, wall frieze, etc.)

Washing: protect the floors and your eyes!

Remember to protect your floor with plastic sheeting. Finally last tip, leaching is an operation that can prove to be messy, so remember to put on clothes that fear nothing and protective glasses to protect your eyes from possible projections.

Wash the walls step by step

- Dilute the detergent in hot water at the rate of two teaspoons per liter of water. - Use the new sponge that you soak in the water and then start washing in circular motions. Be careful not to soak your sponge! - Always start at the bottom of the wall, to avoid drips that could remain and therefore make traces. - Finally, open your windows to allow faster drying.