10 ideas for an original wall decoration

10 ideas for an original wall decoration

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Do you dry in front of the future decoration of your wall? Do you want to give it a great decorative look and yet face this great white wall, do you lack inspiration? Discover 10 new ways to decorate your wall decoration. In the manner of a wall sculpture, an artist's studio, or playing on volumes and trompe l'oeil effects, one thing is certain, this season the walls are big!

A green wall

Indoor plants have never been so popular in our interiors and that's good! In front of a bare wall, macramé plant pots are hung at different heights. Result? The wall is both dressed and oxygenated by plants that play volumes. We like this type of decoration in a somewhat bohemian apartment but we can also choose very refined containers, like the wall-mounted planters offered by Ferm Living if we want to create a more designer atmosphere.

Color bubbles

To create a decorative wall in the entrance while taking advantage of it to optimize the space, we opt for coat hooks with a worked look, like Bubble, a collection created by the designers of the Studio Vaulot & Dyèvre for Petite Friture. Made of blown glass, these coat hooks are installed like light bubbles on the wall, delicate and colorful. We love !

Woven baskets for a bohemian decor

Perfect for energizing a wall that lacks relief, woven baskets are diverted from their function to be transformed into decorative accessories. In terms of colors, we bet on the combination of natural wicker and frank colors in a bohemian spirit or for a beige / black contrast if we prefer to play the graphic look. A simple but effective idea.

An ironic trophy

For a wall that diverts vintage decorations, namely stuffed animal heads, we have fun installing deer, rabbits or even volatile cardboard on the wall. We choose them in kraft color for a "sober" effect or we play with the origami colors and folds in a more Japanese style.

A sculptural wall weaving

If you want to dress a rather narrow wall, then we will opt for a vertical decoration. In this area, we love the very graphic macrame drapes. Take a ride on Etsy or Mylittlemarket, there are original handcrafted creations that remain affordable.

Cubist shelves

As the simplest ideas are sometimes the best, we do not stop decorating our wall ... with shelves! Yes, but not just any. To avoid the rectilinear effect, we prefer to play asymmetrical games and volumes with pieces with worked lines. Bloomingville thus offers small dynamic modules that adapt to all spaces.

Clocks in primary colors

To create an arty, colorful and very contemporary wall, we play on accumulation with design clocks that focus on primary colors. We like the contrast of these bold shades on a white wall just as well as on a very dark, black or anthracite wall. For the effect to be graphic, we repeat the same model, round or square, but of different sizes for more dynamism. We really like those proposed by the Italian publisher Diamantini & Domeniconi and imagined by the designer Giovanni Levanti.

An acoustic panel like a work of art

Here is an original idea to create a pretty fresco on your wall. In addition to being elegant and graphic, an acoustic panel will be a useful decorative idea in a poorly insulated apartment. Very beautiful models compete for the market but our favorite is the Ginkgo panels, offered by Stone Designs. Their pattern in scales, right in the trend, brings a lot of roundness without hampering the geometric side of the creation. A two-in-one that hits the bull's eye!

Mirror sets

If your room is small or lacks light, consider decorating your wall with drawn mirrors. We dare small models, accumulated at will, and we favor hexagonal shapes in a contemporary spirit. The mirrors will catch the light while drawing the wall. The must ? Mix the classic mirrors with copper mirrors to create nice volume effects.

A wall with a psychedelic tendency

Another way to play with the mirrors on the wall is to bet on curved models that will return a distorted reflection of the room. We love this decor in an apartment that assumes its originality and its share of madness. Depending on the point of view, the perspective will never be the same and will each time become a surprise. Wow effect guaranteed!


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