Kitchen stools make the show!

Kitchen stools make the show!

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1. Moss Moss designer kitchen stool € 179 2. Xavier P Cultfurniture stool € 95 3. Le Chaisier metal kitchen stool € 180 4. Dorso x2 stool € 99 5. Ronan Maisons du monde metal stool 39.99 € 6. Viktigt Ikea stool € 24.90 7. Dalfred Ikea bar stool € 39 8. Bloom Alinéa bar stool € 54.99 9. Maisons du monde bistro stool € 99.99 10. Sevilla But 89 bar stool, 99 €

Two formats for all needs

The American kitchen areas, separated from the living room by a bar, having multiplied in our current interiors, the kitchen stool is now very similar to bar stools adjustable in height. It also finds its place in a high version around the central island of the kitchen or around a high bar table for a quick meal in the kitchen or for breakfast. And if the high stool wins the votes of the trendy seat in the kitchen, the low stool is not to be outdone in this room. It is therefore adopted for its ultra practical side: easy to move to meet the times of the day, it takes up little space and can even stack up when not in use. It is the ally of small kitchens who still want to integrate a dining area.

To each his own style

High stools or low stools, they all have style and fit easily into your kitchen. High version, they play it more technical with a multiple choice, adjustable in height or not: a pneumatic foot will remind American diners, the models with backrest will play the more contemporary and chic menu, the traditional wooden model will offer a bistro atmosphere, the legs in balance will distill a vintage air in the decoration when the metallic models will loudly proclaim a very trendy industrial style just like the screw models. Low version, everything is also allowed but we rather adopt a refined and discreet style. We also ensure that our models can stack for convenience.


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