My office in a closet

My office in a closet

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Both aesthetic and practical, creating a desk in a closet is a great idea to enjoy a workspace even if you run out of space. You have two options: install your workspace in an existing closet or invest in a new cupboard that will contain your desk.

Turn a closet into an office

Before you start, it is important to ask yourself a few questions: in which room is my closet? How much storage do I need? Who is this office for? Once these foundations have been laid, you have all the keys in hand to successfully create an office adapted to your needs. In a busy room, you will have to be particularly vigilant when opening the doors of your closet. If you have a limited budget, be aware that a curtain can replace the closet doors.

In all cases, your closet must be deep enough to allow the desk to enter and also be able to store a seat. When you want to settle in, just open the door and the office will be integrated into the wall. When you're not using it, the desk disappears and your documents are protected from prying eyes and drafts, all without taking up space in your room. Do not hesitate to make the place decorative using clear paint, paintings. It's about creating an office where you will feel good to work, not just a closet!

Spotlights to light up the office

Keep in mind that these types of offices often lack light, so don't forget to add an extra lamp or possibly have recessed spotlights installed to illuminate your workspace.

Set up a ready-to-install desk

If you do not have a large enough closet but still want to hide your workspace, it is quite possible. There are pieces of furniture specially designed to accommodate your workspace. You will find several styles to match and blend into the decor of the room in which you want to integrate it.

These large fitted wardrobes generally have several storage spaces for a work surface on which you can place your computer and space to store your seat. Once the two doors are open, you use your office in the traditional way and once everything is finished, it disappears. In your room, there will be no desk but only a storage unit that fits much more easily into the room. Some advice: choose the furniture according to your needs. You may need more or less work space or on the contrary you may prefer storage spaces for storage. Also remember to check the amenities offered in terms of cable grommet for your computer installation.