What color should I give with a black kitchen?

What color should I give with a black kitchen?

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Play of contrasts: black and white

Kitchen designers nowadays offer many models of kitchens with very original colors and modern and aesthetic forms.

Black in the kitchen remains a safe bet. You can play on contrasts because this color bends to all requirements and adapts to all fancies.

Black and white kitchen furniture ensures elegance and minimalism. The perfection of the contrast between these two colors allows the kitchen to be aesthetic and sophisticated. This play of colors gives the space a feeling of harmony and balance for a feeling of well-being and purity. The forms are marked and the style is neat for an original and trendy cuisine.

Balance between elegance and modernity

Black in the kitchen provides a certain elegance. You can associate black and red in the kitchen to create a contemporary and atypical style. This type of kitchen works well in a modern interior, or in a loft.

Have fun combining colors for different inspirations and different styles. You will be able to play on continuity with the living room. Create a perfect balance between the pieces so as not to cause a break in the decoration and match the colors between them. Do not hesitate to combine colors and adapt the kitchen according to your desires and your atmosphere.

The total black look

For a cuisine with simplicity and refinement, do not hesitate to opt for all black furniture . In this island of purity and minimalism, you can incorporate stainless steel elements like the worktop for example for a modern style.

Choose furniture with clean forms for a unique style. The layout of the kitchen must be consistent with this color.

Functional and beautiful, the furniture must be fully modular and practical. Composed of sliding drawers or removable bins, it must adapt to your requirements and thus make your life easier. The total black look allows you to integrate many storage elements, while maintaining harmony in the room.

So trendy: black and yellow

For some time now, this association has been wreaking havoc! The kitchen as a place of life, of creation not only on the plate but also in the decorative bias of this room!

We dare just as with this marriage between the strength of black and the dynamism of yellow which boosts this flagship piece. To create a modern structure, play yellow on accessories, crockery, seats or light fixtures, as well as on some of the facades in a mismatched way, which is increasingly being done.

Chic and shock softness: in black and beige

Beige brings warmth and friendliness to black and warms the room. The combination of these two shades, one non-color and the other soft, allows all mixes of materials and renderings. You can try an industrial atmosphere, or a marriage with wood in a gradation of colors. Beige is a gourmet shade which softens the value of black which gives a lot of character to the kitchen.

Chic cuisine: black and golden metal

Golden brass has made a comeback in our interiors for several years now. And it goes perfectly with black, especially in a kitchen. Choose brass or gold metal for your sinks and kitchen taps. You can also add it by a small touch by changing the handles of the furniture, or by installing some golden metal light fixtures in the room.

Golden brass also combines with dark wood, Art Deco inspiration. Perfect if you have chosen a dark wood worktop for your kitchen.