Photovoltaic solar energy or how to produce "clean" electricity

Photovoltaic solar energy or how to produce "clean" electricity

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The "solar roof" transforms the sunlight collected through photovoltaic panels into electrical energy. This type of installation represents for you a real financial investment which pays for itself in the long term thanks in particular to the policy of buying back the electricity produced by EDF. Indeed, you do not directly consume the energy produced but you sell it to EDF which is obliged to buy it back at an advantageous price set by decree. Your home is however still connected to the network for its energy needs but you only pay 8 cts euros / kWh…

Energy production and its cost

The peak Watt (Wp) is the maximum theoretical power supplied under standard conditions of sunshine. 1m² of photovoltaic panel represents on average a power of 130 Wp. The most commonly used photovoltaic modules have a power of around 130WC / m² and produce an average of 130kWh / m² / year in France and up to 170kWh / m² / year in sunny regions (2009 data). The average cost of a domestic photovoltaic installation is 8 euros / Wp, including equipment and implementation. You should count approximately 1000 euros HT of the m² of installed panels. This represents an attractive solution for you in the medium term, especially since the cost of the equipment (excluding labor) benefits from a tax credit.

Qualified standards and installers

Photovoltaic products must meet standards EN 61215 or NF EN 61646. As an innovative technique, photovoltaic processes fall under the Technical Advice procedure (Atec) issued by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB). The QualiPV appellations bring together competent and recognized companies in the field of solar installations and benefiting from a competence in the field of photovoltaics ( To connect to the network, you must pay a sum of between 100 and 350 euros. To benefit from the resale price to EDF, you must integrate the solar panels into the roof, awning, sun protection, etc. They must provide a technical or architectural function. To function optimally, the panels must be oriented to the south and tilted between 30 and 45 °. Check that no mask (tree, building, etc.) shades the sensors.