Before / After: Create a roof terrace with industrial accents

Before / After: Create a roof terrace with industrial accents

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Having a terrace in town is a pleasure that city owners do not shy away from, quite the contrary. A veritable green oasis in an often concrete and noisy environment, the terrace offers the breath of fresh air essential for summer evenings and weekends. To decorate it, all daring is allowed! From the bistro style to the neo-bohemian accessories or the ultra-colorful design, the terrace is an inspiring and inspired place that can be modulated as desired. In her pretty roof terrace located in the heart of the city of Toulouse, the interior decorator Emilie Perruchet imagined a cozy living space in which family and friends like to meet for an afternoon, a meal or a convivial evening. On the program, lazing around, a little trick and lots of colors!

Compose a chic and colorful atmosphere

Before : When decorator Emilie Perruchet acquired this large apartment located in the heart of the pink city, there was still a lot of work to do to make it habitable. Indeed, the accommodation is the result of an elevation of the building including an apartment and a roof terrace: the whole was therefore created from A to Z and must be brought up to standards. When she finally takes over the place with her family, the young woman makes interior design her priority. With the arrival of sunny days, change of program: the outdoor terrace finally goes through the "decoration" box!

After : Creating a terrace accessible only from inside a dwelling implies certain constraints: it is impossible to integrate large volumes or heavy materials, too difficult to transport on the stairs to access the apartment. They could also create too much weight for the floor. Emilie Perruchet therefore opted for light furniture chosen from Fermob. The hexagonal brand specializes in outdoor metal furniture with flawless resistance and vibrant colors. The seats are complemented by brightly colored cushions. The young woman wishing to be able to regularly change the colors, she buys her covers at low prices on Amazon. Only the floor cushions come from the Redoute Scenario and Monoprix. His idea ? Create an industrial and colorful atmosphere by combining the great classics of outdoor design and DIY.

Create a green wall

Before : The roof terrace having been created from scratch, everything remains to be done on the decor side!

After : Very attracted by nature and plant walls, Emilie Perruchet decides to position one on one of the two party walls. Only constraint, the impossibility of installing an irrigating system which would risk creating areas of humidity or infiltration in the neighboring building. To overcome this problem, the Toulouse decorator decides to install light joists and profiles, as well as light IP wood on the roof waterproofing support in order to channel the water. Modern and discreet, the green wall is made up of Vertiss Compact modules in anti-humidity polystyrene; therefore they are light and do not allow moisture to stagnate continuously! On the edge of the terrace, The young woman favored vegetable plants (tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, new onions, lemongrass, lemon balm ...) installed in light resin tubs (Castorama). More info on


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