What sink in my bathroom?

What sink in my bathroom?

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The basin is today the essential object of the bathroom. But the possibilities are immense. Round, square, flat, deep, white or in color ... the variety can make you doubt your first desires. Development of different basins to make an informed choice.

A single basin or a double basin?

The first question to ask is whether you want a sink single or double . The double sink is ideal for the bathroom of parents or children but also twice as expensive ...

A countertop basin or a recessed basin?

Then choose a countertop or built-in washbasin. The counter top washbasins have had undeniable success in recent years and are found in many manufacturers.

Basin: the choice of material

In terms of materials, the choice is vast.Porcelain enamel remains very popular for its easy maintenance.Acrylic models offer a very designer look. There are also glass for an aerial effect. The glazed stoneware offers a more natural look and the granite and rough marble . Finally the concrete will be welcome in an industrial style bathroom!

Basin: the choice of shape

Side forms, there too the choice is difficult. The most popular basins are round . But there are also rectangular, square or oval shapes. To choose according to his tastes.

Basin: what color?

The novelty of recent years is color. If white still dominates and transparency is also popular, colored bowls are making their appearance.Red, black, purple, blue, colors multiply over the years to offer a fairly wide range today.

Basin: what style?

Finally, the basins are inspired by different styles to match the different atmospheres possible in the bathroom. We thus find minimalist and refined basins with elongated and low lines to designer bathrooms . A little in the same style, the air-style basins whose edges rise to the ceiling have Asian looks . More contemporary and pop , the small round and colorful basins are perfect in a child's bathroom. Finally, in a nature spirit , the granite, marble or stone basins often quite massive offer a very ecological raw nature effect.


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