2 in 1 furniture: adjust your desires!

2 in 1 furniture: adjust your desires!

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Here is a selection specially designed for small spaces ! Buffet / secretary, sofa / bed, multifunctional storage, draw smart shopping ideas to save space guaranteed!

2 in 1 modular furniture according to your needs

You know the adage: there are no limits other than those that our imagination sets for itself! So imagine that your interior modulates to the rhythm of your days, your life? For example, during the day, your superb EMILIE secretary buffet transforms into an office: open the secretary, and invest it for your working day. When evening comes, it takes its place, and everything is put away in the blink of an eye. As for your table, it adjusts to your needs: a low table can slide to reveal a bar (PERO), storage niches as well as chest poufs (VIVO) or even open and adjust in height to welcome a meal with friends (KONY)! And did you know that sofas don't just hide beds! The CALIFORNIA MIX model also includes well thought out storage spaces who will welcome books, trinkets and even a mini bar! It's up to you to decide !

Space-saving furniture to optimize storage!

Nothing less zen than a messy room: whether it's yours or your child's, optimizing storage remains one of the key words for a pleasant interior. But how do you multiply the storage positions without pushing the walls? To help you, think of the BALTI multifunctional storage basket, which can be stacked, but also on beds. These storage spaces will allow you to store your books, photos or even your decorative items in the headboard (OCEANSIDE) or your household linen in a full chest cleverly placed under the bed (ELITE). As for studies, think of 2-in-1 offices! The FINCA office is thus endowed with spacious storage on the side while the YOLO desk also acts as a library. Finally, to create a relaxation corner, watch TV or receive friends, the convertible sofa is the essential ally of your interior design. So what are you waiting for to bet on this practical, clever and design furniture?

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