A garden suspension

A garden suspension

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1 seedling cover 4 silver rings 4 small S-hooks 5 large asymmetrical S-hooks 3 m of fine mesh cable chain 1 cutting pliers 1 flat pliers 1 iridescent prism 1 faceted bead 1 spool of thread 1 needle 1 rod aluminum 1 electric wire 1 socket 1 electric bulb


2 'Preparation

Remove the ventilation system located at the top of the bell. Cutting the rod

1 'Cutting the rod

Using the wire cutters, take a length of 7 cm from the aluminum rod.

5 'Mounting the bell

Slide the wire through the faceted bead, then through the prism, and back into the bead. Slide the two wires in the center of the ventilation system, now free, outside the bell. Place the aluminum rod inside the bell. Slide a wire on both sides and tie to fix.

7 'Chain preparation

Cut four equal lengths of chain.


To be sure to cut four perfectly identical lengths of chain, count the number of links.

5 'Preparation of fasteners

Place a ring at one end of each of the chain lengths.

10 'Finishes

Slide a large S-hook into each of the four holes drilled in the bell at its base. Place a length of chain in each S, ring side. Place a small S at the other end of each length of chain and slide all the small S over the remaining large S.


You can also, after removing the ventilation system from the bell, slide the electrical wire through the central hole, then fix the socket, and finally the bulb. Extremely simple to make, this pendant light will only take you a few minutes to assemble.


Place a large bulb on the socket. Feel free to play with the style of the bulb. There are all kinds: frosted, frosted, iridescent ... You choose the atmosphere you want to give to your room.

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