A green guide for the home to download

A green guide for the home to download

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L'Arbre Vert, a French brand of ecological personal care and hygiene products, offers a brand new eco-friendly guide in the house to download! Discovery. Available online on the Green Tree website, the "P'tit guide ecolo" contains 19 pages of practical advice and the use of Green Tree products. The first pages first explain the brand's commitment to ecology, its concrete approaches and the products it uses. We then discover Clara, a little character, who reveals to us 10 eco-friendly gestures to adopt in the house. Among the many advices given, we note to rinse the dishes with cold water because it "breaks the foam" faster than hot water, to spray the product to wash the windows on the fabric and not on the windows for the save, or set the water heater to 55 or 60 degrees maximum. Clara also suggests some equipment in the house that can reduce energy consumption and the bill like equipping the faucets with a mixer tap or installing a flush dual control water. This little guide can be downloaded from the Green Tree website.


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