Rolls steam generator, rolls ...

Rolls steam generator, rolls ...

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They said Liberty Pressing. I thought we were going to be offered a steam generator with an English floral motif. No, but sometimes I am really too modest as a girl! If we talk about Liberty, it is not for the famous fabric which made the glory of Cacharel during my high school years but for the word Liberty, as in "Liberty, liberty Darling" or as in "You will not have my freedom of thought". So then, according to Rowenta, what is a free steam generator?

As evidenced by the image above, it means that we can go to the moon with its steam generator. But since the controversy over "has man really set foot on the moon", it is customary to be wary of certain documents. This is why I checked certain details: on the sun side, the temperature of the moon would be around 150 ° C and on the shade side -150 ° C (source Astrosurf). Suddenly, we would have on one side a boiling power plant and on the other a frozen power plant. Besides, I have doubts about the need to iron a spacesuit. Mistrust, mistrust! But let's stay more down to earth, on our planet, the Rowenta Liberty Pressing has indeed its advantage since it rolls.

Wondering how to make an impression at the last evening of bloggers? I don't think you can make it more original like it bag!

More seriously, we still see some advantages: a free space on the ironing table, especially when we have to tackle the task of ironing a hippie chic petticoat of at least one meter, and the assurance of '' avoid the kidney circumference by going to replace the machine in its cupboard. On the performance side, we have a pressure of 6 bars, a flow rate up to 120 g / min and a system that automatically collects scale. The big drawback: that your friends ask you to go with your steam generator! Liberty Pressing de Rowenta, DG9860, from € 316 (yes, freedom comes at a price!)


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