Kidding: the trend of the moment!

Kidding: the trend of the moment!

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Vintage bedroom, fun decor accessories, stylish bed linen. Kidding puts children at the heart of a new market where they are the king. Anglo-Saxon phenomenon, it is gaining momentum in France. We explain to you!

The success of vintage

As with adults, children now have real decor trends that have nothing to do with those of 10 years ago. Far from all pink for girls and all blue for boys, the decoration signs declare the most current themes in style. A big winner this fall, the vintage atmosphere is essential in the kids' room. Furniture with clean lines and retro colors: duck blue (VINTAGE), taupe (SNOW) or white (TIPI). Natural or light wood also has a special place. There are even small Club-style armchairs in cheerful colors (CHESTER). As in the 50's!

A decor that has style

Without changing everything, it is possible to revamp a room classic with well-chosen accessories. Kidding is therefore the art of offering a wide range of "grown-up" products specially adapted for the bedroom of the little ones. Right now we're falling forskateboard shelf (SKATE), the multi-colored coat hooks to put on the back of the door (LYNA) or even the light tube whose color and brightness can be adjusted according to mood (TUBO). We also like the decorative garlands (OWL) or the paper lampshade balls (PAPEL, SUSHI, AGATHE). Also don't hesitate to divert other objects. If they blend harmoniously with a child's decor, it is because you already master this trend that is Kidding!

Cute linens

Kidding is not limited to furniture, but also to fashion (many adult brands decline children's lines) and even beauty. Now every detail counts. So also think of bed and household linen that will help give the final touch to a room. Stars, polka dots or funny patterns, think of the curtains that will give the cocoon touch (STELLA). As for the duvet cover, we will choose it in harmony with the theme of the room: Indian motifs (TIPI) or animals (JUNGLE, CHOUETTE). Even if nothing is too good to pamper your offspring, it is also essential to teach him to tidy up his room with suitable furniture!

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