4 ideas to install a light garland in the living room

4 ideas to install a light garland in the living room

We cannot repeat it enough, light plays an essential role in our interiors. So that we no longer design a room with a single light source. On the contrary, the lights accumulate to favor a softer and soothing light. The light garland then becomes a major ally to offer a soft and warm light. How to adopt it? We have 4 ideas for installing a light garland in the living room.

1. Highlight a corner of the room

© - Whether to highlight a corner or to emphasize a piece of furniture or a decorative object in the living room, the garland is ideal. And for good reason, it attracts the eye without disturbing the look. Delicately placed on a shelf or bookcase, it covers the floors while bringing softness and warmth. In the same way, you can give life to a fireplace, a decorative ladder, a mirror or even frames. Anyway, with the arrival of winter, the light garland promotes the cocooning spirit of the living room. We only have one desire: to bundle up under a blanket, read a book and enjoy this subdued and comforting atmosphere…

2. Play on the pitch

© Photos Anders Bergstedt via Entrance Makleri We are used to seeing string lights installed horizontally. However, when it is arranged vertically, it takes on a completely different appearance. Like this inspiration where the light garland plays on the height of the ceiling. Installed in this way, it rounds the angles of the two walls, which are often unused. Result? By lighting up the corner of the room, the light garland gives the impression of a larger space. Choose a model as long as possible with large bulbs for maximum effect. We like the idea of ​​hanging them by rolling up a part for a "messy arranged" look!

3. Draw a bright rain

© - Because it adapts and is easy to handle, the light garland can create, on its own, one of the most atypical wall decor. As the wall of this living room shows, which seems to be lit by a light rain. Plant nails of varying heights and hang your garland as you see fit. Behind the sofa, above the fireplace, near the wall of the dining table ... Let your imagination run wild to create the shapes of your choice and draw an original wall decor. One thing is certain, this light setting will not go unnoticed…

4. Create a decor under glass

© Urban Outfitters Sequined to be stretched and exposed in its entirety, the light garland can also enhance a jar or a glass vase. Another trendy solution: place it under a hood! The advantage with this type of installation is that you can install it anywhere in the living room: in the center of the table, on a shelf or a fireplace, on a window sill and why not on the floor ... Choose colored or patterned supports for amazing light effects. The right idea? Install succulents with garlands in the jars (be careful not to weaken your plants by avoiding direct contact). Enough to give life and magic to your living room in two stages, three movements…