Real estate ads: the energy label now mandatory

Real estate ads: the energy label now mandatory

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Since January 1, 2011, all real estate ads, whether in agencies, on the Internet or in the press, are required to mention the energy classification of real estate for sale or rent.

What is the energy label for in real estate ads?

The energy label in real estate is used to indicate the energy classification - between A and G - of a house or an apartment. An A classification corresponds to a consumption of 50 kWh / year / m², or € 250 of expenditure. A G classification corresponds to a consumption of 450 kWh / year / m², or € 2,250. Faced with poorly classified housing, we must expect to have to carry out improvement work. An A rating, on the other hand, can be a good selling point. In both cases, the classification can have an influence on the price of placing on the market.

How is this energy label established?

It is established on the basis of energy performance diagnostics (DPE), which provide an assessment of the energy consumption of a property. The objective of these DPEs is then to be able to improve this energy performance. DPEs are compulsory since November 1, 2006 for the sale of housing and old buildings, and since July 1, 2007 for rental properties. But until now, posting results was not mandatory.

What does this energy label change for real estate agencies, newspapers and specialized websites?

Everyone must reorganize to be in order with the law. Ads showing the famous energy label are still rare. No sanction is provided for in the decree. However, article 1116 of the civil code offers the possibility to the purchaser to cancel the sale or to reduce the price of the good.


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