For a "trapper" style show, get inspired!

For a "trapper" style show, get inspired!

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The cold, the snow, the mountains, the little chalet where life is good, in the middle of nowhere or rather in the middle of a vast expanse of fir trees, snowshoeing, good chimney fires ... adventures and communion with nature in the wild ... Yes, yes, there are times when, just looking at your snow-covered garden through your window while sipping your morning coffee, you feel freedom and keen on nature. Yes, yes, 5 cm of snow under a tree, and the crackling of a log in the chimney can suddenly evoke a tender and gruff world, with which we would like to be in harmony… So start by adapting your decor to your state of mind and opt for a sober, wild and warm style ... A small lounge area in a trapper style what do you say? That's good, the decor ideas a bit "roots", it's fashion! So, for a small lounge area with a "trapper" spirit, several things are essential! - Go for a decoration in raw wood and natural materials . Plastic is not so fantastic ... You can give pride of place to aged driftwood thanks to small decorative objects such as lamps, candlesticks, frames ... large knit woolen objects reinforce the cocooning aspect of the house, evoke a natural, soft and comforting source of heat in the middle of a cold winter. - The shape of the furniture (wooden of course!) Must be very sober, the lines are straight, refined, without fuss. The chairs are heavy but practical and comfortable. - To work on the "trapper" style of your decor, decline the decorative objects that remind the forest theme : so you can play with pine cones and logs . If you want to emphasize the hunting side (original sense of "trapper"), hang animal heads on the wall, such as a deer's head for example. - Use animal skins on the ground, in plaids or cushions, both to accentuate the wild spirit of this type of decoration and at the same time to warm up the decor. - On the motif side, we decline them in the lumberjack spirit, in other words, we love large tiles in warm colors , on cushions, curtains and why not on a tapestry. - Finally on the color side, you may end up with a decor in natural brown and beige colors, certainly too monotonous. So do not hesitate to enhance your interior with checkered patterns or a few decorative objects in warm tones, such as red or purple tones burgundy or raspberry. And after these tips ... Get inspired!


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