3 solutions to revamp your parquet

3 solutions to revamp your parquet

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The trend is for authentic and natural parquet floors. We choose them for the cachet they bring to the room. Here are three oils that will add extra soul to your parquet.

Protect the parquet

Oiling your parquet allows you to nourish and protect the wood. The oil can be applied to all types of wood and to all types of parquet. Flooring oil 59.81 euros. - Apply Syntilor Parquet Oil by roller, brush or spalter then wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. - To obtain a beautiful finish, shell the 1st layer to eliminate the roughness of the wood. - Dust well. - Apply a second thin layer, wiping as you go.

Stain the parquet

To change or revive your interior, you can stain your parquet. The parquet stain can be used on all types of wood. Parquet color Aquaréthane® 22.50 euros. - Apply the Aquaréthane® Parquet Tint in a thin and regular layer, using a roller or brush. - Wipe very carefully with a lint-free cotton cloth. Always work in small areas. - Let dry 6 to 8 hours. - Wipe the entire stained floor with a clean cloth before applying Syntilor Parquet Oil.

Aging a parquet

The parquet aging process skates and contrasts the grain of the wood and reproduces the effect of time. Wood aging 22.50 euros. - Apply the parquet aging product in a thin and even layer with a roller or cotton wick, working in the direction of the wood fibers. - Wipe the product still wet with a lint-free cotton cloth. - Allow to dry 8 hours before applying the Syntilor Parquet Underlayment. - Peel, dust and cover with Syntilor Parquet Oil.