An ecological decoration for Christmas

An ecological decoration for Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching and so are the preparations. And why not try to make an ecological decoration at home? Some tips for making responsible choices… Christmas decoration often imposes two major constraints for eco-responsible purchases. First constraint, the objects offered are often made from synthetic and chemical materials not very ecological. Second constraint, this decoration is often inexpensive because ephemeral and to offer low prices, manufacturers often produce at the end of the world, bad choice for the carbon footprint… But make a ecological decoration for Christmas is not insurmountable! First, prioritize as much as possible objects produced closest to you. Transport being a very important factor in CO2 emissions, you might as well reduce it as much as possible… Then, locate the most ecological materials possible. We think of course wood (labeled FSC or PEFC), driftwood, slate, felt, cardboard or papier mache… Finally, think of the big brands that are slowly trying to offer more environmentally friendly items for Christmas. Monoprix offers for example balls and Christmas eggs to hang in papier mache. Alinéa imagines its very natural Christmas decoration thanks to driftwood garlands, felt balls, slate pendants… Ikea offers garlands in unchlorinated white paper… Cultura and Habitat opt ​​for the natural wood for small objects to hang or hanging for the tree ... Finally, if you want, Reno de Medici has designed three models of fir trees in recycled cardboard, including a model to decorate with your family… Merry eco Christmas!


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