Video: a tin can turns into an original lamp

Video: a tin can turns into an original lamp

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Divert and concoct yourself a decoration that does not lack originality. For example, take a large tin can with interesting graphics and offer it the unexpected function of lighting. To hang over a bar or in a corner, it will be a sensation! Level : Way Completion time : 1 hour Indicative cost : 12.80 euros Necessary material : - 1 collective tin can - 1 red electric cable - 1 cable clamp - 1 terminal block - 1 pink bulb Steps : - Drill a pre-hole in the bottom of the box. - Enlarge the hole with a drill bit with a larger diameter. - Pass the electric cable through the cable clamp. - Then pass the cable through the drilled hole. - Screw the socket. - Strip the electrical wires. - Screw them to the terminals. - Place the terminal block. - All that remains is to screw on the colored bulb. The most decorative : Accentuate its originality by screwing a colored bulb. Pink, yellow, green or blue, it's up to you. Creation Véronique Rambaldi


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