Trendy decor: make old with new!

Trendy decor: make old with new!

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Because we do not all have the chance to inherit old furniture from our ancestors, the designers decided to create themselves this aged style which makes the incomparable charm of old residences. And if this trend was still emerging recently, we find it today with more and more brands, whether prestigious or not. A trend that comes in different styles.

Reclaimed style

The trend which is getting stronger from year to year, is resolutely the recuperated style, a mixture of interest for sustainable development and for the "old" style. It is therefore old wooden planks or old objects which are recovered and which constitute a new object. Among the brands that offer this type of object, we note Du Bout du Monde or Home Autour du Monde.

Industrial style

Others have bet on the industrial style. We thus find stools, desks, tables in almost rusty iron and old wood. Robin du Lac or Hanjel offer many pieces of furniture and objects that could come straight out of a factory in the early 20th century with tables, stools, ladders, etc.

Charming style

Some brands, such as Jardin d'Ulysse, have made the old and charming style their creed by offering objects and furniture in weathered, worn wood, for a more real than life effect! The decor is then more traditional with bleached and limed wood which one would think it came out of the grandparents' attic!

Country style

Finally, we do not forget the country style which remains timeless and which is inspired by this tendency to "old" style objects. Home Autour du Monde thus offers numerous objects which one might believe were made by farmers, such as old wicker baskets or wire mesh pantries for example. You will also find this type of decoration at Comptoir de Famille which has made it a specialty. And to give you an overview, here are some objects that are new but "old" in style:


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