For a Zen decor in the bedroom… Get inspired!

For a Zen decor in the bedroom… Get inspired!

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For a room like a haven of peace conducive to meditation and well-being, we bet on a Zen decor. On the Asian-inspired program, a touch of nature and a touch of feng shui.

Soothing colors

In order to calm the spirits of the annoyances of the day, we put on soothing colors. We choose natural colors such as beige, taupe, linen but also green to evoke nature and serenity to help us recharge our batteries.

Asian-inspired furniture

For furniture, favor wood for its natural appearance. You have two options: you can either opt for very light wooden furniture to signify purity or, on the contrary, for very dark tones like wenge wood to attach yourself to the earth. Anyway, the lines should be refined because the zen mostly involves a relaxing decoration.

Natural decorative accessories

Always to get closer to the natural and soothing state, we choose decorative objects in harmony with nature. Among the essentials, you need pebbles to remind of Asian Zen gardens, bamboos for vegetation and lotus flowers for harmony. And so that all the natural elements are present in balance like feng shui, place an indoor fountain. The sound of water encourages relaxation. Discover our selection for a Zen decor in the room:


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