Make a coffee table on wheels

Make a coffee table on wheels

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Here are the steps to make, like Valérie Damidot and her team, a coffee table on wheels. 01_ To install the wheels in the table, the wood must be pre-drilled. 02_ We prepare screws and washers. 03_ We take a washer to tighten the screw. 04_ We put the washer and we screw into the wood. 05_ We are careful to screw it straight so that it fits well. 06_ We glue pieces of wood so that the table is the same thickness at the wheels. 07_ We wait until the glue is completely dry and the pieces no longer move. 08_ We screw the wheels on the last pieces of wood. 09_ To strengthen everything, we add a good dose of putty. 10_ The table is finished.


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