Our best decor ideas for a fall wedding

Our best decor ideas for a fall wedding

Getting married in autumn is an opportunity to stand out with an original theme. But it is above all the ideal moment for all lovers of a poetic atmosphere! By finding inspiration in nature and using the soft colors of this season, your wedding decoration will not go unnoticed! Discover our best decor ideas and our precious tips for an autumn wedding!

Colors as a common thread

If most marriages take place primarily in summer, fall is also a season conducive to romantic unions. It must be said, it is the most poetic and magical time of the year. And it's thanks to its warm and soft colors - which characterize it - that we owe him this very special atmosphere ... So much that these nuances are enough, by themselves, to set the tone for an autumnal wedding. Because even if nothing prevents you from choosing a more specific theme, colors will be a big part in decorating your wedding. For a fall wedding, the colors to favor are those found in nature, namely: orange, brown, red, yellow. These are warm colors that will give (whatever your theme), a friendly air to the places. But in order not to abuse this rich color palette, you can favor a clear main color such as ecru, linen or even beige. For the rest, you can choose sharper colors to enhance your decoration. We think, for example, of shades like ocher, wine lees, mahogany, brick ... As for the copper and golden colors, you can also combine them to bring character or elegance.

A marriage where nature reigns supreme

© Lara Hotz Photography Beyond colors, autumn gives pride of place to nature. The animals of the forest swarm while the flora is transformed before the arrival of winter. Without forgetting, the light that we do not see as radiant the rest of the year. The decor is set and you just have to enjoy it. Because the best ideas for an autumnal and original wedding decor are found… in nature! Dead leaves are a perfect example: collected in hundreds, they can be found along the central aisle of a secular ceremony. But you can also use them to replace confetti at the end of the church or even customize them with paint or glitter for table decoration. You can also use pine cones, logs and branches, chestnuts, bark, flowers and moss. And why not seasonal fruits and vegetables? As you can see, the nature of autumn offers you the opportunity to create a wedding decoration at a lower cost! And since you only need to go for a walk in the forest to find all the elements, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, wouldn't it?

The decoration of the table

© Brklyn View Photography Once again, nature has its place on the decoration of an autumn wedding table. One can imagine centerpieces composed of wooden logs and seasonal plant compositions. You can even use a pumpkin as a vase. Of course, we will have to customize it to avoid the Halloween effect! Curved in gold or white and accessorized with lace and raffia, the pumpkin turns into an offset, rustic and elegant vase! You don't know which flowers to choose to fill it? (Re) discover our article on the most beautiful autumn flowers to choose for the decoration of an autumn wedding. /deco-fete/decoration-mariage-fiancaille/actualite-829144-quelles-fleurs-deco-mariage-automne.html As for the place cards, you can easily use pretty dried leaves on which you delicately write the first names of the guests. You can also use pine cones to hold pretty labels. If you choose to combine autumn with a decorative style for your wedding theme, you just have to adapt. Fans of vintage decor can, for example, use old glass jars to make lanterns. Install seasonal plants and a tealight candle at the bottom and voila! Those with a bohemian vibe can add doilies and lace or even feathers. In short, you understood it, by respecting a color code and by inviting nature in your theme, you can be sure to obtain a successful table decoration!

Details that make all the difference

© Hunted Interior Choosing to get married in autumn is to want to make an impression with an atypical atmosphere. If it was the flamboyant nature of this season that charmed you, you can continue to draw inspiration from it to create decorations with character. Arrange hay bales to fill the empty spaces and provide stylish seating. Arrange wheelbarrows filled with seasonal fruits (like apples)! And because autumn is not always sunny, consider providing accessories to weather the weather. In wooden boxes or on a ladder, provide plaids, umbrellas and why not boots? And above all, remember to provide a covered space!