An air cushion mower

An air cushion mower

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We thought that the mower on wheels was the only existing one, and yet there is an air cushion mower that has existed since the 1960s. Zoom on an amazing invention! The air cushion mower invented in 1959 by Christopher Cockerell is as simple as it is clever. The air, sucked in from the sides of the mower, is compressed under the bell to lift it a few millimeters. The mower then gives the impression of floating, hence its nickname of flying mower. A slight depression then raises the lawn so that the blade can come to mow and grind it. This system thus makes it possible to finely chop the grass before depositing it on the ground in the form of green manure. Its advantages : the absence of wheels ensures perfect maneuverability, which lends itself particularly to highly worked landscaped gardens. The system allows a uniform cut without trace of wheels. Note that there is also a 30 liter capacity air cushion mower that collects and compacts the cut grass, thereby reducing the amount of lawn to be emptied. Price: from 70 euros to 150 euros> More info on www.flymo.fr

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